There are about 3 million mobile apps that are active today. And this number is rapidly increasing by the day. However, not every mobile app stands out to become a success.

The success rate of new mobile apps are extremely low and only a few make the cut. One of the main factors to make any mobile app success is the user experience. And for an eCommerce mobile app, a flawless shopping experience matters immensely.

In this article, we break down the industry secrets of designing the best user experience for your shopping mobile app. These are some of the strategies that you must consider while building your WooCommerce mobile app.

User Registration

It has been observed that many apps face heavy churns at their user onboarding screens. This is because the audience has negligible patience, especially for newer upcoming brands.

Which is why user registration and login must be as smooth and quick as possible. The best option for you is to integrate social media login. Facebook and Google logins are some of the more popular ones of them all.

User Interface

Now that registration and user onboarding have been sorted. You must ensure that your app users interact with your app seamlessly.

And this will not only prevent them from dropping out or abandoning their carts but will also make them stick around more. A good UI should ensure that not only your audience doesn’t churn but also sticks around for longer periods of time.

Higher usage time is one of the major KPIs for any mobile app success. For more information, check out our guide mobile app analytics metrics of success.

Carts and Checkout

Another aspect of a shopping app where most businesses fail is cart abandonment. You may have the most revolutionary product or the best deal in town, but if your users are abandoning your cart then certainly something is lacking somewhere with your app.

Many people abandon their carts, especially on relatively newer brands, because of the extensive registration or the login procedure mandatory before placing an order.

Though there is a smarter way to bypass this hindrance, which is the ‘guest checkout’. The guest checkout features allow the user to bypass the registration and login process to directly pay and order the product or the service on the mobile application.

However, another interesting aspect of increasing the conversions at checkouts is the proper use of the CTA button and the message displayed on it. Click here for a detailed guide on CTA buttons that’ll help you increase your conversions multiple times.

Optimizing the Checkout Forms

Many times apps face huge churns on their checkout because of their huge and difficult checkout forms. You must ensure that the checkout forms are a breeze to fill and do not ask for too many details, but only the essentials.

Some of the optimizations you can make with your checkout form as

1. Pre-filled input fields that increases efficiency

2. Reduce number of input fields

3. Increase the size of the input fields

4. Reduce the number of CTA buttons to just one or two at the maximum

5. Add tooltips if you feel some input fields instructions

Secure Payments

This comes as a no-brainer yet a very important aspect of any shopping mobile application. A user will only spend their money on your app if they are completely assured that their payments are secure and they are not being scammed.

Having a trusted payment gateway integrated with your mobile app will always motivate users to make purchases on your app.

You can also provide multiple payment options like card, bank transfer, wallets, and much more to make the payment procedure for your users much more comfortable.

Security badges from your trusted payment gateway on the app can prove to be another motivation for your users to feel secure while making any purchase.

 Wrapping Up

And with the rapidly growing eCommerce and mobile app market, it becomes imperative that you leave no stone unturned to ensure your success.

With technological advancements, you can now build your own mobile app without any technical or programming know-how with AppMySite mobile app builder.