Preventive maintenance is one of the best options to save money on your Mini Cooper maintenance. Keeping your car running and well looked after should be your main goal. Try to do an overall checkup before you take it out for a long drive.

But you might be wondering how you can do preventive maintenance? Well here are some tips you can follow that might help you do just that.


Car Inspection

It’s always a good idea to do a periodic inspection of your car. Just to understand how your car is doing at the moment. You might be surprised how much this can be helpful. Start by checking the lights of your car. Check if both of them are working or not, check the indicators as well. 

After that, you can move to the tires, check the air pressure. It shouldn’t be too much or too little. If you don’t have an air pressure gauge, buy one and keep it handy in the car trunk. It can be very helpful. Keeping both tires in check can give you those extra miles while on a long drive. Go to the mechanic if you see anything out of the ordinary.

Check Fluids

You might not be aware but it’s important to check the fluids of your car. Fluids from wiper, coolant or power steering are among the ones that need to be regularly checked. But remember if you are out of wiper fluid, you can get that refilled for free by doing it on your own. Don’t ask the mechanic to change it for you, that’s wasting your hard-earned money. Once these things are in order, you can go ahead and check the transmission fluid. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary repairs.

Check the Battery

Most of the batteries these days have evolved enough that they don’t require too much maintenance. But it’s important that you know where the battery is located and how to take it apart from the car are recharge it in case It runs out of juice. Make sure nothing is leaking from the battery. No mold should be built up near the contacts on the battery. Try to get a cheap battery tester whenever you have the time. This can come handy in times when you need a quick check.

MiniCooper Car

Air Filter

Check the air filter and see whether it needs to be replaced or not. This is one the easiest way to change out of most of the things in the car. Changing the air filter of your mini can help you keep it comfortable. If you need a new part look around in an auto parts shop. Though this isn’t one of those critical things you need to check every time, it still makes the ride a comfortable one.

Check the Tires

Remember to check the tires on a regular basis. It would be bad if took the car out for a spin and found that you now need to deal with a puncture or a flat one. Try to keep a spare tire in the trunk if possible, it can get you out of a lot of pesky situations without wasting a lot of time and money getting the repair from a service shop.

These were some tips that you should always look after if you love your car. These tips apply for all vehicles and if you are looking for a new model, you can check Mini Cooper price in India online. Don’t forget to take a test drive in your nearest showroom.