When you have recently moved to a new place, facing a lock and key emergency can be a whole new problem. You don’t know many people in the town so you cannot ask for personal recommendations. The situation can be much more challenging when you are stuck in an emergency at odd hours.

Everyone would agree that locks are very important in keeping unwanted items out of the house but when it comes to a broken lock, nothing is more unsafe than that. An unfamiliar neighborhood can be nerve-wracking for anyone. But you don’t have to worry anymore. If you have recently moved in, here following is a quick guide to find reliable locksmiths in Williamsburg, VA.

1. Prepare Before You Need A Locksmith

Emergencies are difficult to handle because you can make wrong decisions due to a shortage of time. This holds when it comes to lock and key issues. It is best to ask your real estate agent or nearest neighbors about reliable locksmiths.

In most cases homeowners are recommended to rekey their house locks when they move in so searching for a locksmith is the first thing you should do. But if you find yourself in an emergency, don’t panic and use the following tips.

2. Search Online

Thanks to the internet, you can research without leaving the comfort of your couch. Search for the local locksmiths by entering the area name in the query. You will get more specific results when you add the area names. You can also add area code to get more specific results.

Search engines mostly list the websites according to their reliability among users so you are more likely to find trustworthy locksmiths in the first few search results. But this is not the ultimate way to decide about the reliability of a locksmith. You should always verify the license and bonding of a locksmith.

3. Verify the Credentials on Local Listing Sites

Various local listing sites are modern alternatives to phone directories. Once you have collected some names of the locksmiths search the local listing sites to verify their names. You may also find maps, directions, and storefront pictures. The company name and logo should be consistent across all the listing sites. Avoid stores with ambiguous names and inconsistent credentials.

4. Avoid Hiring A Service Not Registered On BBB

Better Business Bureau is one of the most trusted platforms to verify the authenticity of various businesses. When you are new in an area and don’t know who to turn to, never risk your safety by hiring a company that is non-existent on BBB. Leave the risks for the future when you know enough local people.

5. Request Estimates from Different Companies

Make a list of well-reputed company names and start contacting each of them. Request estimates from these companies for the same issue. As you get the detailed quotes you get the idea of market prices. Don’t fall prey to extremely low prices as they are offered to attract customers. The cost computation policy can tell you a lot about their authenticity.

6. Read Reviews Thoroughly

When you cannot get direct referrals, you can read online reviews. Look closely in the complaints sections to know the shortcomings of a locksmith. Keep in mind that the safety of your home or vehicle will depend on your decision.

Verify the license number provided by the locksmiths. And prefer a company that offers 24-hour emergency services. Put your best foot forward and you may find a locksmithing solution for the future as well. The next time you need the services of a reliable locksmith, all you need to do is to dial their number and inform them about your issue.

Above all, you need to trust your instinct. Your first call to the locksmith is the most important communication you are going to have with them.