QuickBooks errors H303 takes place while getting access to the company file in the multi-user mode. Whilst you attempt to open the document from your workstations, the error message activates that the company record is located on the other pc, and your pc wishes extra configuration to access the report. QuickBooks Support Number enables multiple user access to the document. But, improper setup or configuration of the website hosting can also give rise to error H303 in QuickBooks. In this article, we are able to speak a few important components of the error alongside a few popular Quickbooks Support.

Why Am I Seeing The QuickBooks Error Message H303?

When multiple users inside the software try to access the company report to update the financial data, lacking components in the program triggers an error in the opening of the file. QuickBooks errors H101 or H505 are some other error codes related to opening enterprise documents in multi-user mode. Underneath are some common reasons that could evoke QuickBooks error H303:

  1. Damaged network file (.ND) file can purpose the error in establishing your company data
  2. When QuickBooks fails to acquire the server hosting the organisation file or IP address of the system
  3. While QuickBooks Database Server manager service is not running
  4. Improper setup of the server hosting configuration
  5. QuickBooks cannot communicate with the server due to Firewall blockading can promote error code H303
  6. Whilst your pc is not connected to a stable net connection

A way to Resolve QuickBooks errors Code H303?

This QuickBooks error code may be resolved by vanquishing the possible reasons of the error code. Whilst you don’t recognize what exactly prevents you from opening a company file , then you definitely need to perform the troubleshooting solutions one after the other. The beneath-described solution can help:

Solutions 1: Make use of QuickBooks file doctor

QuickBooks file doctor can restore the data damages inside the company file and network issues which could bring on error H303 at the same time as starting the company document in multi-user mode. To utilize the QFD tool, you should log in as an administrator.

  • From tool Hub, download and install QuickBooks file doctor
  • Run QFD tool to restore the document that should not be large than 2GB
  • Resolve the company file and network problems inflicting QuickBooks multi-user mode error H303

Solution 2: Check If the file hosting Settings are correct

If this QuickBooks errors code persists, then you want to test if the QuickBooks settings for hosting company files are accurate.

  1. Launch QuickBooks in multi-user mode
  2. Now select the file on both the hosting computers and then disable the company file hosting through Utilities >> prevent hosting Multi-user Configuration
  3. Now permit website hosting on one of the computers by means of performing the given collection of action document >> Utilities >> Host Multi-person Configuration
  4. Now open QuickBooks on both the systems and take a look at if this QuickBooks error code is fixed or not. Circulate to the subsequent solution of the  QuickBooks component repair too.

Solution 3: Try and Open the file from a new location

To perform this process, observe the underneath-indexed steps:


  1. Make a new folder at the pc hosting the business enterprise file
  2. Now set up and share the windows access permissions to share the organization file
  3. Move the QuickBooks company (.QBW) file to the newly created folder
  4. Open the enterprise file from its new location in multi-user mode

Answer 4: Modify the Firewall Settings

If none of the above-given solutions assist in the errors-decision, then try to restore the Firewall that is blocking off QuickBooks from having access to the server.

  1. Start the computer and go to the control Panel
  2. Navigate to the control Panel to discover and select Firewall Settings
  3. Below Firewall Settings, select allow a program through Firewall
  4. Now, you may get the option to add program to the exception list of Firewall
  5. Add QuickBooks from the listing of the programs after which restart your pc