Yahoo email account allows the user to get their emails on their account so that they can communicate with one another. Its very simple to make Yahoo email account as the user only needs to follow the steps for it. With the access of yahoo email account, the user can send and receive emails and can process their exchange of messages.

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But, on the other hand, there are times when the user is unable to receive emails on their yahoo mail account and is always stuck in the question namely why my yahoo mail cannot receive email. This is one of the major issues that the user of Yahoo email account face. This issue generally occurs because of wrong email account settings and also because of email account credentials. Therefore, if any time the yahoo account user is experiencing this issue then for solving it, they can simply follow the below mentioned steps :

  • First of all the user need to check for their Yahoo account errors as there are times when the user’s Yahoo email account has various technical errors and because of which the emails are not received.
  • For checking this the user can send themselves an email and if they receive it then the issue might be in the sender?s email address.
  • Then, the user should also make a check on the account?s settings as many times the account settings are configured wrongly and as a result, the user is unable to receive emails.
  • The user should also check their yahoo email account spam folder as there are chances that the particular email is marked as incorrect and is landed in the spam folder.
  • The user should also check their blocked emails folder as it might happen that the particular sender?s email address is blocked.
  • Also, the user needs to check the email filter menu.
  • The user should also tell the sender to check their account settings and email credentials before sending an email.
  • Therefore, by following and processing these above stated steps the user can easily solve yahoo mail is not receiving emails issues at any time. This process will identify the main issue and furthermore the user can solve it with the troubleshooting steps.

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