With many countries still in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to travel internationally. Several countries now ask that you acquire a ‘fit to fly’ certificate before boarding a plane – a document confirming that you have recently been tested and that you are COVID-free. But where do you go to get a test?

In the UK, free NHS testing is only offered to people who are experiencing symptoms. If you want a test simply for your own peace of mind or for travel purposes, you will have to pay to be tested privately.

If you live in London or the surrounding south east regions, there is an accredited laboratory offering PCR testing in London. The test is 100% accurate and uses the same PCR technology that’s used by the NHS. A COVID fit to fly certificate is also included, provided that you get a negative result.

How it works

The test is purchased online via the laboratory’s website and posted to you address. You administer the test yourself using a cotton swab – take a sample from the your throat and nostril and place the swab in the included envelope. After you’re done, the kit is securely posted back to the world-class laboratory for testing.

Your results will be emailed to you the next working day. You can also pay an optional fee for rapid same-day results.

The standard test costs £150.00.