Having a beautiful face adds to the overall personality. If our face is perfectly contoured, we appear more charming. But, sadly, not everyone can flaunt chiseled jawbones and contoured cheekbones. Some of us are gifted with an additional facial feature known as the double chin. It comes uninvited and then stays unless we go for. Nobody likes to have a double chin as it makes a face look fatter. So, we look for ways to make it go away.

In this article, we have shared some practical ways for Chin Reduction Treatment in Dubai. Keep reading to find out how you can get rid of this uninvited guest.

Getting Rid of a Double Chin

When a layer of fat accumulates below the chin, it forms a double chin. This condition is also called having submental fat. While this condition is usually associated with obesity and gaining weight, it doesn’t have to be. A double chin can be found in people who are not overweight. It can form in anyone due to loose skin tissues or genetics.

Below, we have shared some exercises and treatments for treating a double chin.

Exercises for Reducing Double Chin

Some exercises can work to get rid of the fat under the chin. These exercises don’t have any scientific proof to back this claim, but several people swear by these. So, there is no harm in trying.

The double chin reduction exercises strengthen the muscles in the double chin area. Repeating these exercises 10-15 times every day can show noticeable results.

The most common chin reduction exercises are mentioned below.

  • Straight Jaw Jut
  • Ball Exercise
  • Pucker Up
  • Tongue Stretch
  • Neck Stretch
  • Bottom Jaw Jut

All of these exercises serve as a fantastic Chin Reduction Treatment in Dubai.

Dieting for Double Chin Reduction

Dieting for reducing double chin only works for those who have a double chin due to weight gain. So, if your double chin is because of being overweight, losing weight will help in reducing it.

The most efficient way of weight loss is by eating healthy food and exercising regularly. To do this follow the given instructions and see the results:

  • Eat more vegetables – at least four servings daily
  • Include three servings of fruits in your diet
  • Swap refined grains with whole grains
  • Say no to processed and junk food
  • Eat lean meats, like chicken and fish
  • Use healthy fats like olive oil and nuts
  • Avoid sugar and complex carbs
  • Reduce fried food items
  • Eat low-fat dairy products
  • Try portion control

Apart from practicing these steps, try to include physical activity in your routine. Go for a walk or jog for about 45 minutes daily.

Chin Reduction Treatment in Dubai

If exercise and dieting don’t work for you, you can always go for double chin removal in Dubai. Several treatments are available for reducing the double chin. These treatments are perfect for those with a hereditary condition.

Most clinics offer different chin reduction treatments. But, the most commonly performed procedures are:

  1. Lipolysis – uses liposuction technique or laser to melt the fat and contour the chin.
  2. Mesotherapy – injects a drug in the double chin area to absorb the fat.

These methods have minimal side effects like swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, and redness. Otherwise, these are safe and effective methods.


Chin Reduction Treatment in Dubai is what you need if you have a double chin. Double chin removal uses non-invasive techniques that are safe and effective. Most people for whom exercise and a healthy diet doesn’t work, consider these treatments. So, if you are one of them, consult a practitioner TODAY!