Let me confirm once again, are you here in search of ways to improve your guest posting skills. If yes, then you have made the right decision to choose this article. I was just about to give some important key points that you must keep in mind while working with a guest post.

It is quite natural to have less traffic even after having tons of content. The only reason for that is your contents are not getting the right exposure. Writing content and then leaving it into the site will not make the cut. Until and unless you are an authority site, so no one will spare time from their busy schedule to look into your website.

What can be done to increase exposure? Yes, we can approach other site owners for guest posting. You have to pitch them first and have to show them your work. And once they are satisfied with your work, you can write content and post them on their site. This will eventually help in the exposure. And if your articles are of high quality. People are bound to visit your site for high-quality content.

Enumeration of the guest posting procedure

Guest posting services is all about the skill you have to approach people and how you can convince them to allow you for a guest post.

Step by step enumeration:

1. Identify your guest posting goals

Just like every business, guest posting starts with well-defined goals. Before starting with the guest posting, you need to be sure of what your goals are and for what reason you are doing this guest posting.

If you want to improve yourself as a niche-based blogger, guest posting will act as a stepping stone for you. And if your posts are getting accepted by the owners. You are allowed to add a backlink in the post. This will increase your work’s exposure and as well as it will increase your organic traffic.

How guest posting will you help you as a whole:

  • Increase brand exposure

Guest posting services help to let the world know your presence and the kind of USPs you have.

  • Boost your SEO points

By writing an article you are improving on-page SEO. Doing guest posting will improve your off-page SEO and bring healthy backlinks.

  • You will be able to show your USPs to audiences

This way you will be able to highlight all your strong points and will be able to give others a reason to support you.

  • It increases your niche-based authority

While doing so, you will be able to build a reputation for yourself as an industry specialist.

  • Finally, it improves your website traffic.

Well if your site traffic is increasing, what’s more, you can ask from the guest posting.

2. Find relevant platforms

Whenever you are looking for the sites for the guess posting, always look for the same niche-based site as yours. This will increase your chances of being accepted as a guest blogger. If the sites are relevant to yours, the backlink that you will create will be more authentic.

3. Researching the right topic for the guest post

Once you are all set with the selected website, the next part is to research a topic that you will pitch with. The best topic will be the current topic that is hovering in the air. Or if you are finding it hard to find a relevant topic to write on. Go have a look at the online media. This may help you with the new topic.

While looking for the topic you should make sure that the owner’s website does not have the related post to your topic. They will never accept the same kind of article for their site. So it will be better to find something their site is lacking and then pitch with that topic.

This way you will be closer to convincing the website owner.

4. Send a well-defined pitch

The moment of truth. You have done your site research tools, keyword research tools, have completed writing and publishing your articles, the last thing that remains before guest posting is sending a pitch to the website owners.

Remember that even your best pitches will not be able to convince all the owners. It may happen that they are not in need of that kind of pitch you have sent them. But hey, you may never know until you try it for yourself.

Points to remember for perfectly defined pitch:

  •         Create a compelling subject for the mail.
  •         Use a more personal and direct approach.
  •         Do not forget to share your previous work.
  1. Write a guest post (upon the acceptance)

This is the last step to complete with the guest posting. But it is a meticulous task as it requires everything you have learned. You have to write an SEO friendly article, following the norms given by the website owner is not an easy task.

The things that you have to keep in mind while writing articles for the guest post are as follows

  • Writing SEO optimized article.
  • Following the publisher’s guidelines.
  • Avoid any kind of promotional language.
  • Proofreading it correctly.
  • Try to keep a link back for your website.
  • Attach a professional author bio.
  • Check grammatical errors.

Let’s start pitching

Now you know what guest posting is and how does it work. It is up to your and your skills how far you can go with the guest blogging or guest posting. Guest blogging is all about pitch and repeat.

You need to have the patience for their replies. And always prepare yourself for the failure of not being accepted. After all guest posting is all about pitch and repeat. If your first pitch is not accepted, go the second one, if not go for the third. Just keep trying until you find a website that is willing to allow you with the guest posting.

Author Bio:

Mashum Mollah is the Founder at ‘blogstellar’. A passionate blogger by heart and an entrepreneur by profession, the ‘Blogging Engineer’ is on a mission to help people passionate about blogging transform their passion into full-time businesses.