How to improve Wifi Connection on Roku?

At times, the Roku buffers and video streaming also go ineffective. Always remember that there are several ways to fix this problem. Firstly, you’ll have to check the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. When the link is weak, you can improve the signal by placing the router nearer to the device. To improve the performance in a more significant way, you must upgrade the router. If either of the methods seems to work, then try restarting the Roku device. Since these are streaming devices of high caliber, buffering issues are a hindrance, and it tends to irritate the users.

Steps to improve the Wi-Fi connection

  • Lower the usage of other gadgets over the same network as it reduces the bandwidth
  • Then it is better to use a Router that supports a 5 GHZ network facility
  • As mentioned above, you could restart the Roku device and see if it pays off
  • It, in course eliminates most of the buffering hassles and keeps the device in a proper condition

Enhancing the bitrate

When you configure the Roku device, it can set a default speed for itself to work. This bitrate gets chosen based on the network speed. By performing this step, the playback feature can get improved on a huge scale

  • Use the Roku remote to push the Home, reverse and scan button in a sequence
  • Now the Bitrate screen will appear, and you can choose “Manual selection.”
  • Finally, select a lower bitrate and verify whether the Roku has got the buffering problem solved

If either of these methods ceases to give outcomes, then it is better to call the Roku support team and get the issues fixed. Also, activate the Roku device by using the URL Roku com link code in the first place via +1-844-893-6700.