The luxurious and expensive Pashmina Shawls are like a lifetime investment for many people. It is made with the finest quality Cashmere wool that keeps the body warm in the most lavish way. However, when people spend a huge amount on Pashmina Shawl, they want it to keep the shine as long as possible. In many families, the shawl is considered as the heirloom, and generation after generation enjoys the beauty of the pure Pashmina.

It can be said that with time the glamour of Pashmina shawls only increases. On the other hand, it is only possible when someone takes good care of it. If the shawl is washed in the washing machine or dry in full sun; then it may not stand the test of time.

Why Pashmina needs extra care?

It is true that the care of Pashmina Shawl is a little different than the rest of the woolen. However, the process is not so much difficult. The reason is that the fabric is all-natural. There is no synthetic mixing in authentic Pashmina shawls. For that reason, the fiber can tear up in rough handling. The colors used for the cashmere shawls are organic and natural and for that, it is not suitable for sun drying.

Tips to increase the life of Pashmina Shawls:

• The Pashmina is not suitable for machine wash. You should not keep cleaning with other clothes in the washing machine because the high-speed spinning will harm the texture of the shawl.

• Always hand wash the shawl at home. Never rub the shawl as it is against the nature of Pashmina. Moreover, it is not advisable to wring the shawl after washing.

• Don’t use any expensive detergent to wash the material. Bleach is a harmful material for the Pashmina, so never use it. You can wash the shawl at home with baby shampoo only. As Pashmina wool is actually hair of the goat that they use as the undercoat to keep themselves warm during the winter, the shampoo will make the wool soft and shiny.

• Never use hot water to wash the Pashmina as the heat can destroy the texture. Use water at room temperature to make the shawl softer and cleaner.

• Just like washing, you have to avoid the machine for drying purposes also. Never use the dryer as it may harm the shawl in the same way the washing machine can do. The weave of the Pashmina shawls is made by hand and without any machine. As a result, the weaving is not as tight as machine weaving. And the dryer can tear the fabric while spinning at high speed.

• Air-dry the Pashmina shawl by keeping it on a clean surface. Never hang the Pashmina shawl as it may lose the shape. Keep the shawl in shade only as you should avoid the sun.

• Always protect the Pashmina from moisture as it can cause the fungi attack on the shawl.

• Use a tissue or pure cotton bag to store Pashmina Shawls. Storing in a plastic bag can damage the beauty of the material.