Birth is one of the most important factors that can loosen the vagina. A loose vagina can make sex less entertaining for both you and your partner. Not only this, it can also affect your confidence as it can make you more aware of your body. Your body image plays an important role in determining your confidence.

However, it is possible to restore vaginal tightness after childbirth yes from V Tight Gel, and one of the simplest methods to do this is through exercises popularly known as Kegel’s.

These exercises work on the muscles just inside the vaginal wall. A Kegel is performed by squeezing the pelvic muscle that you use to control the urine and hold it for a few seconds before releasing it. This exercise is extremely simple to perform and can be performed anywhere.

These exercises not only help restore vaginal elasticity but also increase blood flow to the vaginal area. This is extremely effective in increasing libido in women. Not only this, it can also speed up arousal and increase the response to sexual stimulation.

Better control of your vaginal muscles can make you feel younger. It can also increase the joy of both you and your husband during sex. Using strong vaginal muscles can pinch your partner when inside of you and this can make him experience heaven. No wonder your husband would never think of cheating on you.

Vaginal gel

Another good way to secure a youthful vagina is by using a female enhancement gel or lubricant. Such gels have become extreme among women, and more and more women are buying them to get a tight vagina and to relieve other problems such as vaginal dryness and itching.

Such gels are made with some of the best herbs and other natural ingredients that ensure instant tightening when applied to the vagina. They also ensure increased natural lubrication so you don’t have to worry about vaginal dryness or itching.

Some of the natural ingredients used in such gels include witch hazel, ginseng, oak bile extract, etc. However, good quality gels also use miroferm. This is an extract from the plant Pureria Mirifica, which is rich in phytoestrogens. Not only does it ensure vaginal tightening, it is also an excellent remedy for aging.