Most eyes will be on the bride during the wedding day, but as the groom, you will be by her side the whole time. You must do your best to be presentable as well and honour all her efforts to make the day special.

Compared to the bride, it is much easier for the groom to get ready for the wedding, although it would take more than just suiting up and showing up. Here are a few tips so you can look your best on your wedding day and make it memorable for you and your bride.

  • Your suit

One of the biggest wedding decisions the bride has to make is picking a wedding dress. It is similar for the groom when it comes to choosing a suit, although far from that scale. The groom also has many choices, but when it comes to suits, Wedding suits from Institchu have the finest.

Their custom-tailored suit is your best option to make sure that you also look your best on the big day. It is a perfect fit in terms of sizing and design since it is made precisely according to your preference. Although it would take six to eight weeks to make, so be sure to place the order with plenty of time before the wedding.

  • Your hair

Next to the suit, the groom’s hair has the most impact on his appearance. So you must do your best to get the proper haircut or style that will make you look your absolute best. A wild or outlandish haircut may not be a good idea on a day like this. Remember that this day will be immortalised in pictures for you to look back on in the coming years.

A safe option is a good cleanup of the cut or style that you usually get. If you want something different for the wedding day, get one that does not go out of style, like a clean and classic look. Have your haircut a week before the wedding day to allow some time for the new cut to set in but still have that neat look.

  • Your groomsmen

Aside from the bride, you would also be spending much of your time with your groomsmen. They will be in most of your wedding pictures and videos. For you to look good, you must also consider them.

Picking your own suit is one thing, but your groomsmen’s suits should also complement yours. Fortunately, for groomsmen’s Wedding suits, InStitchu can also have them tailored. You and your groomsmen can book a schedule and have your measurements taken while relaxing in their showroom.

  • Your skin

If a beauty or skin regimen is not one of your normal routines, it may be a good idea to start one a few weeks before the wedding day. If this sounds like too much work for you, or you already have some sort of skincare routine, you can just get a facial a week before walking down the aisle. This helps ensure that skin blemishes or sudden acne breakouts would not ruin the special day, especially with all the stress that a wedding preparation entails.

  • Your hands and nails

Your hand is not among the things people would look at first during the wedding, but it is where the ring will go that people will look at. And the wedding photographer will take pictures of it too, up close and personal.

Aside from being photographed, your hands would also be doing a lot of congratulatory shaking, so make sure they are neat and ready for it.

Show your future wife that your wedding day is as important to you as it is to hers. Walk down the aisle as the best possible version of your true self. The Wedding suits InStitchu can make for you, and all the other preparations you will do, are a small price to pay in the grand scheme of things, which is a lifetime of blissful marriage.