Customer perception is not something that you could dare to overlook. This is the age of social media and resentments on social media channels can have a terrible impact on your business. Customer perception hence has become important than ever. COVID crisis has added to the impact and brands have been struggling to maintain the balance.

Though it isn’t possible to completely control the way people think about your organization but improving customer perception is still achievable.

So, how do we go about that?

Customer Perception

What exactly is customer perception? It is the way people look at your company or organization. Thoughts and feelings the consumers have developed about a company. Customer perception essentially reflects the opinions people have about your business.

This can be a gamechanger if handled well.

Factors that influence customer perception

Customer Experience/CX

The experience with your brand is the most prominent factor that forms customer perception. Right from the product quality to the tone of your post-sales service can impact the customer perception on various levels. Even the branding of your product or service, like the colors and tonality, can define the customer experience.

Voiced Opinions

What people say about your company – be it verbal, or those random posts on social media, those Google reviews anything could go for or against you. As much as negative reviews on social platforms harm customer perception so do positive reviews and timely intervention help in mending damaged reputation. Do not ignore reviews or comments. Respond and appreciate – help a lot in building trust that is hard to find nowadays. 


No compromises on this. How you present yourself to the world – that is marketing. Traditional marketing and digital marketing, when combined in the right proportions can work wonders for your business.

Let your social media channels churn consistently good and shareable content and people will be talking about your brand in no time. Run a contest or sponsor an event, online or offline. You are definitely going to gain a lot of attention. 

Scaling Customer Perceptions

Customer perceptions can get tricky to measure. But it isn’t impossible.

Over the phone

A call from a customer can end with you asking to rate your service or just asking how did they like your service last time. Enquire if they are happy with your product. Note down what they have to say and assure them a better experience next time and every time. Thank them from your heart for voicing out their opinion. Call center service is giving support to customers on how to best use the product, trouble-shooting any issues, and assuring they had a great buying experience.


The good old method, still very effective. Send a survey for your customer to fill in. Include details of all aspects pertaining to your CX.

Brand mentions on social media channels

Look out for negative and positive reviews doing the rounds on social media. Respond with caution to negative reviews, contact one-on-one if possible, ask them how could you make it right. Appreciate the positive comments, proudly flaunt them on your page or channel.

Improving Customer Perception

This is a never-ending process and requires constant monitoring and consistent improvizations. The ride could get bumpy at times, be ready to face it and tide over it.

So what can you do to improve customer perception?

Exceptional customer experience/CX

Nothing helps in developing great customer perception like pleasant customer experiences. Almost every negative review or opinion has to be based on a bad experience with your product or service. 

Listen Up

Never make the mistake of ignoring a customer complaint or comment. Instead, listen closely, show patience, comprehend and ensure an amicable solution at the earliest.


Empathy goes a long way in developing a strong bonding and connection with your customers. To have someone to listen and understand is a great thing in the busy world. Make their problem yours and put yourselves in their shoes.

Internal Coordination

Customers are busy. Don’t put them on hold for reasons that should have been sorted out internally. Everyone should know their roles well and should be well-versed of the procedure and process that have to be followed when you deal with customers.

Customer Perception Can Make and Break Your Business

Customers – they are the king but they are people. Their perception in most of the cases are reflections of your product quality or service. Listen to them, identify what is missing on your side, empathize and take actions to improve. Nothing is more critical for a thriving business than customer perception.