Well, when planning a bigger house people often think of having a basement in their apartment. Now, you must be thinking why do people need a basement in their home, what purpose does it serve and why are many people interested in having a basement in their houses. Well having a basement in your home, not only increases the overall value of your house but it also provides extra space. Whether you are a part of the nuclear family or an extended family, having a basement creates more room for everyone so you would not need to worry about the space issue if you are living in a joint family or have guests over.


 Now coming towards the purpose it serves, since it is an additional area in any house, it can be used for a variety of reasons like you can make a theatre room in your basement and enjoy watching movies with your friends and family, you can also use it for laundry purposes, or utilize it as a storage space, you can also design guests rooms in your basement, or use this area for fitness purposes like designing a gym, you can also design a swimming pool in your basement or you can use it for your personal use like a home-based office to work; so having a basement provides you with varying options but it is important to take advice or hire the best interior designer to design it smartly and effectively.


After you have decided the main purpose of why you want a basement in your house, now you need to plan properly that what exactly you need in this space. Before designing a basement make sure to carry out a proper inspection to avoid any damages in the future. Make sure to inspect for ventilation, drainage, and water supply. Once you are done with considering these key elements now you can sit with your professional and decide for what purpose you are exactly designing a basement.




Having a basement provides you with many advantages, and so most importantly it provides privacy since it is a separate area. You can either give this area to your children to provide them with their personal space and enjoy their privacy; you can also give this space to your guests to ensure the privacy of your house. If you like to spend quality time with yourself you can design a gym in your basement, this way you are not only saving the membership fees but also ensuring your privacy. Many people are not comfortable working out in front of others in a gym so designing a gym in your home basement makes it easier to lift weights and enjoy a peaceful yoga session.


Home- theatre and Playroom:

Another advantage of having a basement in your house is that you can plan your home theatre and enjoy watching movies with your family and friends without wasting your money on movie tickets. You do not need to invest a lot in your theatre room; a large TV screen is good enough to start. You can also install a good music system to provide entertainment and select some vibrant coloured furniture like curvaceous sofas to ensure a comfortable and cozy setting. You can also put in pendant lights and make sure you select some darker tones for your theatre room; this will give you more cinematic vibes.



 You can also put in colourful rugs or carpets, this will also add up to the aesthetic of the room. Your basement can also be used as a playroom for your children. You can set up a snooker table for your kids, or utilize the space for any sort of artwork and painting; you can also use it for board games or table tennis. This way not only your kids can enjoy their time but they can also invite over their friends and spend good quality time without going anywhere out.