Conducting an advertorial or Skype video interview is really not all that different from conducting a telephone interview. It’s only the medium that makes the difference. In this case, the audience is all of Skype users worldwide. The interviewer can use the same methods as he or she would to conduct a telephone interview. The main difference is that the audience can be located anywhere in the world.

Skype interviews are sometimes conducted using Skype video call applications and sometimes they’re just phone interviews. When conducting telephone interviews, there are a few things the interviewer can do to help make himself or herself look more presentable – such as taking short pauses between questions. You may also want to jot down a few supertints on your digital camera. There are some neat tools out there that make taking supertints extremely easy. The advantage of Skype interviews over video calls is that the supertints can be used in the Skype Video Interview as well.

Skype interviews are better than live interviews for a couple of reasons. First of all, it’s much easier to have a conversation with a distant client when you can hear them. When you conduct live interviews, you can’t hear what your client is saying – only their voice. Skype interviews are more natural because you can hear the words being spoken, but unfortunately that also means that mistakes are more likely to be made. This is something no one wants when conducting an interview, let alone a video interview.

Another thing you can do to ensure success is to make sure you look at the interviewer’s eyes when you make eye contact. With live interviews, your interviewer has to make eye contact with you in order to know if they’re looking at you or not. However, with video interviews you don’t have to look into their eyes to determine if they’re looking at you. But you do need to make sure they’re staring directly at you, so you can get a good indication of how they perceive you. If they don’t, then you’re probably going to be rejected.

Something you can do to prepare for a Skype interview from an international school is to have an understanding of the culture and time zones involved. There’s nothing worse than trying to conduct an interview in the middle of the night when you’re tired and frustrated, trying to get answers from a person whose accent is foreign. Another good thing to do is to know a little bit about the school and/or students in the same country you’ll be interviewing in.

One other preparation tactic is to make sure your video has good sound. Skype interviews can be very difficult to hear due to the high quality of the audio you receive. So make sure your recording has great sound. If you’ve recorded your interview beforehand (either on webcam or another method), that’s even better. You can also add some background noise to improve the quality of your Skype recording. You can go to the Skype website and download the official Skype MP3 plug-in to make sure your recordings are sounding just right.

Speaking in front of a large audience or group of peers will increase your chances of getting accepted into the program. For more competitive programs, especially those in which you’re competing against others from similar fields and countries, it’s crucial to make sure your personality and skills stand out above the rest. In your interview, make sure to demonstrate your ability to learn quickly and adapt quickly to changes and circumstances. For instance, if an interviewer asks you to describe your previous job, mention only what you learned on that job. Showing that you are enthusiastic about the position you are applying for will make you seem less like a robot and more qualified for the job.

If all else fails, a quick chat with Skype will do wonders for you. Skype is a great way to get your questions answered and also shows the interviewer that you’re friendly. Keep this cheat sheet handy at all times when you’re on Skype, and you’ll thank me later. Good luck with your Skype Video Interview!