Every electronic device that emits some kind of radiation such as magnetic, electric, or any radio frequencies zone. These types of radiation are called electromagnetic radiation. There are many ways to understand radiation from 5G principles with time, distance, and shielding. These actions minimize exposure to radiation. Radiation protection products come in many forms, but the main purpose of every product is always to limit the amount of EMF radiation.

EMF radiation

Here is the list of products that do work in protection

Laptop Shields: In our life, one of the most common sources of EMF radiation is a laptop. These electronic devices give ambient radiation when not in use. Laptop protection shields are mostly made with aluminum or steel mesh. These Sheilds can range from carrying cases to lap trays which is double effective. Many studies that actually claim that a laptop shield can reduce the effect by 99%.

HF-35C High-Frequency Analyzer: This tool helps you to test the rooms and devices in your homes for wireless RF radiation levels.

EMF Protective Paint: EMF protective paint mostly made by silicate but one can make by other raw material also. This is an excellent property in terms of radiation protection because it can be applied in the form of paint. For protection you need not paint the entire area, For example, if you want to reduce EMF exposure for your Wi-Fi router in a room then just paint the wall behind the router. This will reduce the amount of radiation through the wall so the exposure will automatically be reduced with this effect.

Smart Meter Shields: Smart meters are fast and a standard device in homes because they give more effective readings than traditional meters. The efficiency of the device will be varied by brand, but most claim ratio for reducing EMF radiation exposure by up to 98%. These radiation protection products are best in reducing EMF radiation exposure from your smart meter. It can be helpful to use a range of different radiation protection for cell phones methods. For example, one can install a shield over the actual smart meter and paint the wall surrounding the device for protection.

Graham Stetzer Filters: These plugin filters are very inexpensive but they are effective in reducing the amount of dirty electricity in your home. one can use the Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter to measure the levels of electricity in a particular area. This way one can reduce the amount of radiation.

Tower EMF Shield This shield that blocks the RF radiation coming from a computer tower.

Large WiFi Router Guard: This guard you could also set in your cell phones or in small wifi devices in which you wanted to work and want to get a signal. This guard block the radiation.

Aluminum Screening: This type of screen you can use to repair screens for your windows. There is an anti-radiation case also available that one can use in cell phones.

There are many radiation protection products available like above but without research, they can be incredibly confusing.