If you Juul daily, it is not at all pleasant to realize that you can’t replace the juice when you’re out of it. You may not have the time to purchase a new pod, or your monthly budgeting may prevent you from making another investment. So, there’s got to be a quick way to get the pod stuffed, and there’s away! Here’s a guide on how to refill your Juul pods.

Refilling the Juul Pods

JUUL is by far the most innovative choice in the world for e-cigarette smoking and vaping. Although the JUUL flavors are fantastic and offer a wide range of tastes, they are definitely the most expensive you’ll find on the market.

This is partly due to the fact that refilling is indeed a comfort, although it is not less of a luxury habit. The most significant advantage is that it encourages consumers to pick their desired nicotine power, unlike pre-filled pods. This brings us closer to actually giving up on addiction. After all, it is the prime motivation to start juuling in the first place anyway.


Remove the mouthpiece

First of all, use a small flat-head screwdriver to raise the caps on either side of the mouthpiece. Now detach them.


Replace the cotton pads in the mouthpiece

There are cotton pads within the mouthpiece, which can be removed when you’re up for this entire workout. Cotton pads are very helpful and can avoid spit back.

A.) With the aid of thin tweezers, cut the old cotton pads cautiously.

B.) If you like and want to relieve your OCD, you can also rinse the interior of your mouthpiece with water and cotton buds and fully clean and dry it with a paper towel.

C.) Now use the tweezers again, place the new cotton pads in place of the existing ones. If you do not have new pads, you can also use paper towels to dry old ones and install them in the mouthpiece.

D.) With this, you’re already done with the mouthpiece and you can quickly put it down.


Refill the e-juice

A.) Take the tweezers and cut the rubber seal at the end of the pod very carefully. You can also clean the rubber seal with a paper towel and at the same time.

B.) Seal all touchpoints by inserting the colored cap at the bottom of the Juul pod. This avoids leakage and means that there is little trouble in filling the juice in the pod.

C.) Ultimately, fill in the Juul pod with the latest desired E-juice to the line representing the highest allowable amount on the pod.


Reseal the device

Now arrives the task of resealing the pod after it has been packed with the E-Juice.

A.) To secure the container, press the sides of the pod slightly and position the rubber seal while pressing.

B.) Once the seal is in place, avoid pressing and allow the initial pressure to build up.


Replace the mouthpiece and everything

A.) To refile the mouthpiece, simply bring it in place and press before a separate “click” is heard. This ensures that the mouthpiece is safe in place.

B.) Second, if the taste cap is present, remove it and blow through the mouthpiece very softly. Be sure to keep a paper towel under the pod when doing this, as blowing eliminates any extra e-juice that could have made its way into the air tube and may result in spit back on the initial hit.

C.) Keep blowing in the mouthpiece until no juice comes out. Pressure the paper towel to make contact with the pod to ensure that the juice does not collect.


Common risks associated with refilling

It is necessary to be aware of some of the common risks associated with the refilling of Juul pods.

  • Increasing the need for overall servicing
  • Burning the coils out
  • Increased risk of contamination of pods, causing more cautious and regular washing.
  • The E-Juice spit back

Risks and hazards are not confined to these, but these are the common ones. Any of the difficulties emerge because of a lack of proper methods and can be avoided. There are also other technical problems that can be avoided along with smarter decisions and more preparation!