The government launched the Startup India program, and there has been a large number of startups coming to register. The fascinating thing is young, dynamic founders and owners began to participate in this program.

People don’t have a clue on how to register their Startup. They don’t know that their company is in the category of Startup or not. A lot of confusion will be created on the mind. 

What is a Startup? 

A collection of a few people who solved the problem and managed your Startup.

The Startup will improve the employment of the country and many more companies coming up. The Indian government will help the Startup to grow and increase job opportunities. It also enhances sustainable economic development.


Startup Eligibility Criteria:

The company limited liability partnership or a private limited company.

A company is still startup if its turnover does not cross Rs.100 crore.

You should take approval from Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP)

The company should be funded by any Angel fund, a private equity fund, incubation fund.

The company comes up with a unique and innovative idea.

You have to registered all details of funding in SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

Registration procedure of Startup:

Step 1: Incorporate your business.

First, you need to register your company in a limited liability partnership or a private limited company or a Partnership firm. You just follow the regular filling up a form to get the registration. 

Step 2: Register with Startup India

Now you just register your company as a startup on the scheme of the government. Now you can just fill the form available in the startup india registration website and upload some documents as well.

Step 3: Upload Documents in PDF format

The recommendation letter should be submitted. Also, incubator support letter of funding which is funded by Government.