hey if you want to know that how to reset jiofi.local.html then say with us in this post because here we will provide you step by step process to fully reset the Jiofi Local Html for free in 2020.

How To Reset Jiofi Local Html Router

How to reset jiofi password? Do you want to know how to reset the jiofi.local.html password? In this article, we are giving step by step guide to change it.

1. Connect your jiofi to any device
In the first step, you need to connect your device to your mobile or pc because you can change the password using the web browser. Jio company offers us an online website server to edit our device details.

In this web server, we can check our device details. If you are not connected with divide the internet then the webpage can not load. It shows an error web page not found.

To escape from this error make sure that you have connected with only the device network. Except for the device network any other network cant work on the webpage.

2. Go to (https://jiofi.local.html)
After successfully connecting open any web browser like chrome and firefox etc. Now go to https://jiofi.local.html. A new page will be opened. In this page, You Can see your device status like connection time, connected status, operating mode, operating band, and bandwidth, etc.

3. Now Login into the website
Now login into the website by clicking the login button. When you click the login button a new window will be open and it is asking for a username and password. Don’t take tension. Fill the administrator on both the positions of username and password.

4. Go to Settings And then Wifi

After login, you can see an option bar in the top section of the website. Click on Settings on that option and then select the Wifi option in the sidebar.

5. After Editing click on Apply

After editing you have to click on Apply. After clicking on applying a new confirmation popup window is appears. The window is told that the Wifi module will be reset and it will cause the disconnection of wifi.


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