The QuickBooks 2019 Chart of Accounts list is a rundown of records that you use to sort your pay, costs, resources, liabilities, and proprietor’s value sums. In the event that you need to see a specific detail of monetary information on a report, you need a record for that detail. The chart of records ought to be changed to address the issues of your business. This will enable you to create reports that will help you settle on great administration decisions. This article will cover the accompanying categories:

  • What is a Chart of Accounts
  • The Balance Sheet Accounts
  • The Income Statement Accounts
  • Sample Chart of Accounts in QuickBooks, examples
  • How to set up a Chart of Accounts

The chart of records ought to be modified (include or erase accounts) to help produce exceptionally valuable reports. In the event that you believe you could utilize some help in inspecting and altering your present chart of records or with the How to set up accounts in QuickBooks?, call us 1800-396-1590

What is a Chart of Accounts?

In altering your chart of records, you can rename records to make their names increasingly significant. Or then again, include new extra records that are increasingly material. It might be that a record previously set up is excessively expansive. Make at least one sublevel records to help classify further down that expansive primary record. What’s more, there might be a need to erase accounts that are not significant.

The Chart of Accounts is a rundown of the considerable number of records with each their related equalization that make up your business. The assets that go into these records depend on the exchanges made while maintaining your business.


Luckily, the steps for making new records are very clear. To set up another record inside your Chart of Accounts list, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Lists→ Chart of Accounts command.

QuickBooks displays the Chart of Accounts window.

  1. Click the Account button at the bottom of the window.

QuickBooks shows the Account menu. One of the Account menu choices is New, which is the command that you use to add another record.

  1. Add another record by picking Account → New.

QuickBooks shows the principal Add New Account window.

  1. Use the record type buttons to recognize the kind of record that you’re adding.

QuickBooks supplies the accompanying record types: Income, Expense, Fixed Asset, Bank, Loan, Credit Card, and Equity, just as (on the off chance that you select Other Account Types and open the Other Accounts Types drop-down rundown) Accounts Receivable, Other Current Asset, Other Asset, Accounts Payable, Other Current Liability, Long Term Liability, Cost of Goods Sold, Other Income, and Other Expense. On the off chance that you have an inquiry concerning which record type your new record fits into, you should audit how budget summaries work.

These record bunches basically reveal to QuickBooks the zone of a fiscal summary record where information gets announced. Note that the primary Add New Account window shows instances of the chose account type in the container over the Continue and Cancel command buttons.


  1. Click Continue. Utilize the Account Name box to give your new record a special name.

QuickBooks shows the second Add New Account window.

The name that you give the record will show up on your fiscal reports.

  1. if the record you’re adding is a subaccount of a parent account, distinguish the parent account by choosing the Subaccount Of check box.

After you select the Subaccount Of check box, name the parent account by utilizing the Subaccount Of drop-down rundown.

  1. (Optional) If you’re setting a ledger that utilizes a cash other than your nation of origin money, pick the financial balance cash from the Currency drop-down rundown.

On the off chance that you revealed to QuickBooks that you work in various monetary standards (you would have done this during the QuickBooks EasyStep Interview setup process), QuickBooks needs you to distinguish those ledgers, customers, and merchants that utilization a money unique in relation to your home cash.

To turn on the different cash include, pick the Edit →references command, select the Multiple Currencies inclinations settings, click the Company Preferences tab, and afterward select the Yes I Use More Than One Currency radio button.

  1. (Optional) Provide a depiction for the new record.

You don’t have to give a depiction. Without a depiction, QuickBooks can at present utilize the record name in budget reports. On the off chance that you need an increasingly clear mark put in bookkeeping reports, be that as it may, utilize the Description box for this purpose.

  1. Provide other record data.

The credit card account type adaptation of the Add New Account window lets you store the card number, for instance. On the off chance that you do have another crate or two wherein to store