One of the few things that people don’t like of relocation process is the rearrangement of the goods in the new house. Setting up the home faster after moving is everyone’s desire but they never wanted to do it themselves. No body actually likes to see the stack of the boxes around them, they wanted to arrange everything as soon as possible. But the tasks seems very difficult, challenging and time-consuming as well. So, you will have to plan strategically to resettle your home without putting too much efforts and taking stress.


One of the best way to set up your new home faster is to ask the movers and packers Mumbai to Gurgaon to help you in rearranging the stuff. Moving agencies also offer you this service. By paying additional packers and movers charges for the service you can avail it. They will unpack the boxes and will rearrange the furniture, TV, etc. But, that can be really hectic for you, because then everything will be unpacked and you will have to place them on its designated places. If you are very tired and not in the mood of doing so then you can be in big trouble.


Hence, you should follow the following tips to setting up your new house faster and without feeling tired.


Unpack the ‘Open First Box’

If you had packed an ‘open first box’ which means the bag contains all the essentials like toiletries, medicine, foods or snacks, clothes, etc. Then this is what you should open first. For the first night and few days you can easily survive even if you are not yet ready to unpack other boxes.


Make your kids room first

If you have moved with your kids set their room first. Children easily get tired and require rest. So, you will have to arrange a bed for them as soon as possible. Setting their room is important and if not completely then at least make their bed and or cradle. Also open the box that has kids’ toys and give it to your kids so that they will remain busy with their own stuff and will not disturb you in your work.


Install Kitchen appliances

For a day you can have meal from outside but, it is essential to set your kitchen as soon as possible. So, before moving on other rooms and rearrange them, you must set your kitchen first at least with the important appliances. Make sure you have fixes gas stove, mixer grinder, toaster, refrigerator and oven. Because.



You know how much it is essential to get your bathroom set, because this is the first thing you will be using after moving in. So, prepare the shower with shower curtains and liner. Place all essentials in the bathroom like soap, shampoo, etc. In just few minutes you will make the bathroom ready to use for you and your family.



Lastly, you can set your bedroom. Of course you will need to a bed to sleep and take rest so, try to do it in a single day. You can decorate your room in any other day when you will be free. You just have to set your furniture, bedding and wardrobe in the room.


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This way you can set up your new home and live happily.


About Author: Ekta is an expert business analyst. She has written for several online journals. Currently she is rendering her services to Moving Solutions that is offering services for packers and movers Pune to Kolkata & packers and movers Pune to Ahmedabad.