What is Roku.Com/Link?

Roku.com/link is very helpful for activating the Roku streaming device & ROKU TV. In other words, Roku is a streaming device that allows channels to access shows, music and movies, and other online content with the help of the internet. And Roku streaming device is one of the most popular streaming devices and when you connect the Roku streaming device to your Television, you can see that Roku streaming device and a TV set are on and it is very easy to activate Roku streaming device.

Easy Guidelines: Roku.Com/Link Setup

  • Activates Roku.com/link (Roku streaming device).
  • Select Language and Country after turn ON your Roku TV.
  • Now switch on Wi-Fi to use the Roku device then continuously connect the Roku TV to Wi-Fi.
  • Use the Roku remote to bring in additional directions and update Roku device settings.
  • In the last section of the Roku account, fill the all details such as Name, Email, Password, etc and press the “submit”
  • After profile is created. To activate Roku device you want to have a unique Roku activation code.
  • Your activation code will be displayed on your Roku TV screen.
  • Go to www.roku.com/link by Laptop/Smartphone/Computer and enter the code for activation.
  • After activation, switched ON your Roku  Now you will receive a message on your Roku TV that the Roku device is activated.

Standard Guide 2020 – Activate Roku using Roku.com/link?

If you are a new Roku user and want to use roku.com/link to activate the Roku device we will give you step-by-step instructions.

  • Open your Device Box for Roku.
  • Plug in a television
  • Attach with an HDMI cable.
  • Insert batteries into Roku remote control.
  • Using Home button on your Roku remote & Turn ON your TV
  • Afterwards, the Roku activation code will appear on the TV screen.
  • Now, open a web browser.
  • Type the Roku official link www.roku.com/link in search bar
  • Enter the activation code which appears on the television.
  • Then, click the “Submit” button.

Steps to Add Channels on ROKU device:

If you are a new Roku users & don’t know “how to add channels on ROKU device”? Then no need to worry! Follow some easy guidelines:

  • Open your Roku streaming device & ROKU TV
  • Now, login your Roku account
  • After that go to “Roku channel store”
  • Choose your favorite channels like Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video you want to watch on Roku and add channel list.
  • Click on the “Add Channel” option.
  • Then, before activating and buying process, fill in your pin details.

Now, you have completed the activation process for the Roku channel. Start to Enjoy with family & friends….