In June of last year, Instagram launched IGTV (the Instagram video channel) where we can share videos of up to 10 minutes long.

Until now, the videos remained on the IGTV channels of the users who produced them and could only be shared in the Stories through a link.

Although at the beginning the views on this channel were high, perhaps due to the novelty, what is certain is that in the last few months IGTV had totally lost interest and very few users already accessed these channels or showed any interest in viewing the contents of this channel.

But for a few months, the topic has changed, Instagram has decided that the videos published on IGTV are published simultaneously in the profiles of the users who created the videos and are also shown in the News Feed of the followers of the account that has shared it. You can also download your Instagram feed videos and for this purpose, too many tools are present in the market like ig video downloader, Instadownloaderproand many more

Everyone knows that the videos on our profiles cannot exceed 60 seconds, so when we see an IGTV video as an account publication, we can watch those 60 seconds on their profile, but we found a call to action so that we can see the full video. Pressing e “see full video” Instagram transports us to the original IGTV video so that we can continue viewing it.

Undoubtedly a good decision so that our longest videos hosted on IGTV have greater dissemination and repercussion among the followers of our accounts. In this article we will tell you can share your IGTV video on your Instagram feed

How to Share IGTV Videos to the Instagram Feed:

The process is very easy to share IGTV videos to your Instagram feed and on your profile. But remember that it is not compulsory for you to share IGTV videos on your profile, this thing is totally optional and it’s your own choice or you can do this for the more followers

All the steps are given below you have to follow all the steps very carefully.

First, go to the IGTV preview and move the slider button to opt-in that is blue. After selecting this option a preview of your IGTV video will be shown on your feed. Now you have to cover the image that will appear in the grid of your Instagram profile

The title and description of your IGTV video will be copied over to the caption after posting a preview of IGTV video. But remember if any type of link is added into your description then it is not clickable

After this click on the edit profile cover and with this you have the opportunity to edit the cover photo of your IGTV video

In the end, you have the option to adjust your IGTV video, for this click on the edit preview option to select how your IGTV video will be previewed on your profile