We all love to travel. Flying to different destinations, visiting new places, learning about new cultures, delighting our palate with different cuisines … Traveling is wonderful, but we cannot deny that it is sometimes difficult to take care of your skin when you go on a trip.

Maintaining a facial routine while traveling requires some foresight and organization.

As a beauty expert and tireless traveler, I know that sometimes we forget about our facial care when we are on vacation, but I also know that precisely at those times is when our skin needs us the most .

Long flight hours, dietary changes, excessive sun exposure and changes in altitude are some of the factors that affect our skin when we go on a trip .

If you’re reading this, you’re in luck because today I’m going to give you the best tips to take care of your skin when you go on a trip . Take note.

Stay hydrated on the plane

You have surely noticed that inside an airplane the environment is drier. This is because there is less oxygen and more carbon dioxide inside the cabin. The lack of moisture and oxygen cause our skin to dry up and look tired and dull , even after a short flight.

To avoid dry skin during air travel, it is necessary to help keep skin hydration levels high.

Drink a lot of water

The first hydration method that we must carry out is also the most important. It is extremely important to drink plenty of water during a flight , even if you are not thirsty.

Our skin and our body are constantly regulating their hydration levels to adapt to the environment. This means that in the dry environment of an airplane, in which there is less humidity and less oxygen, your skin will be constantly losing water.

By drinking water, we help to recover the liquid that we lose through the pores of the skin and regulate the hydration levels of our body.

Apply a serum-mask

A trick that will help you keep your skin fresh and hydrated throughout the flight is to apply a serum-mask. The concept of serum-mask refers to using a facial serum as a mask .

That’s right, facial serums have the advantage of being very quickly absorbed into the skin as well as containing more active ingredients than a facial cream. Apply a generous layer of serum to clean skin when you are on the plane and leave it to work throughout the flight.

Serums are usually transparent so don’t worry that no one will notice. With this gesture, you will create a protective barrier on your skin that will keep it moisturized for long hours and your skin will look like new when you land.

Use a face mist

A face mist is something that you should never miss in your luggage. There is no better way to hydrate and refresh your skin during the day than by using a face mist . The mist face are sprays or facial toners containing moisturizing ingredients, soothing and refreshing .

They are perfect to carry in your bag and spray them on your face every time you feel dry, tight, or excessively hot. The face mist is the ideal ally on one of those days of tourism in which you do not stop walking, or to avoid melting when you are sunbathing on the beach.

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun

The sun is different in each country, so you should not forget to protect yourself from the sun when you are traveling abroad

By now you are surely aware of the importance of sun protection for the health of the face and the harmful effects that the sun causes on our skin.

Sometimes when we travel, we are enjoying those new experiences so much that we completely forget about sunscreen.

Believe me, the last thing you want to happen to you on your vacation is having to deal with a sunburn, as annoying it can be.

Always try to protect yourself from the sun with hats and sun creams suitable for your skin photo type .

Avoid using makeup base

Too heavy makeup bases are not recommended at all if you are traveling or on vacation. These can block pores and make it difficult for your skin to breathe .

If you want to take care of your beauty tips for face at home, when you go on a trip it is better to opt for a BBcream or CCcream instead. These types of products add color to the skin, hide imperfections and unify the tone . They also contain a small sunscreen and are much lighter than makeup bases.

Using light products that keep the skin looking juicy without clogging it will help you take care of your skin when you go on a trip.

Facial cleansing: your best ally

When we are traveling, our skin accumulates more substances that make it dirty more than normal. Cleaning wipes can be a quick and easy option, but they are certainly not the ideal solution. Cleaning wipes are not capable of removing traces of dirt, sweat and pollution from our skin.

If you really want to take care of your skin when you go on vacation, I recommend cleaning your skin thoroughly at the end of the day . You only need a facial cleanser adapted to your skin type . This product will take care of your skin much more than wipes, and it will leave you feeling much silkier on your face, without irritation or discomfort.


Your lips are one of the most sensitive parts of the face.  Take care of them with a hydrating lip balm

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In addition to taking care of your skin, you should also take care of your lips, since they are one of the most sensitive areas of our face.

The lips suffer greatly from changes in temperature and environment . The wind and the sun are the factors that most affect the appearance of our lips.

If you want to show off perfect lips even while on vacation , don’t forget to pack your lip balm in your bag. It seems silly but it’s one of those things you never think about and really miss when you need it.