Canon is a popular company known for manufacturing advanced imaging and printing devices. This company is best known for cameras and camcorders. Canon also manufactures a wide range of printers for home as well as for business use. Canon printers are available with advanced features for easy access. But sometimes users may face few errors while using a Canon printer. The printer in error state is one of the most common errors code reported by Canon users. 

Reasons behind Printer In Error State:

  1. Corrupted or outdated printer driver
  2. Canon printer driver is not installed properly
  3. BIOS is dealing with some error
  4. Weak connection
  5. You are using fault USB cables
  6. Your device is running out of ink

Tops ways to resolve the Canon printer in error state issue:

Check the connections

The weak connection can get the printer in an error state. When your printer shows an error, reconnect the USB cord. For wired printers, make sure your USB cables are connected properly. Check for faulty cables. Try connecting another device with the USB cable. If your USB cable is faulty then you need to use another USB cable. You should not use the loose cable for connecting the PC with the printer. Use a high-speed USB cable to connect the Canon printer. If you are using a wireless printer then you need to check the WPS pin of your router. Disable the WPS pin and wait for a minute. Now press the WPS pin again and check whether the connection is established or not. Place your printer near to the router and check the connection. If you are taking printout via Bluetooth then make sure the Bluetooth of both the devices is working properly. 

Check the printer driver

You need a printer driver for establishing a connection between the printer and computer. This driver is like a connection bridge which conveys the PC’s commands to the printer. The printer in error state issue can appear when your printer driver gets corrupted or outdated. If the Canon printer driver is outdated then you have to update it immediately. Check the model number of your printer and then open the web browser. Visit Canon website and search for the update for your printer. Download and install the update immediately. Restart your device to apply the update and check whether the printer error gets fixed or not. If the driver gets corrupted then you need to reinstall it. Uninstall the existing printer driver and then install a new driver on your PC. Now try to take a printout to ensure that your error has been fixed.

Restart your printer and PC

Sometimes simply restarting the printer and computer can fix the error. If the error has appeared due to any runtime issue then restarting the printer will fix it. Pull out the power cord of your printer and shut down your PC. Wait for about a minute and then restart your PC. Connect the printer to the power cord and it will power on automatically. Now try to take a print out and check for the error.

Check the ink level

Canon printers can show you errors when the ink level on the printer is low. If the printer is showing Canon mx922 error b200 then check the ink level immediately. If the ink level is low then you need to replace the cartridge. Many people use third-party cartridges on Canon printers which may get you into quality issues. Third-party cartridges can also damage other parts of your printer. But purchasing an original cartridge every time can be a bit costly. Dumping the cartridge in open is also dangerous for the environment as it contains various carbon contents. Instead of purchasing new cartridges, try refilling the cartridge. Purchase good quality ink and refill it on your cartridge. Open the ink drum and refill the ink carefully. Once complete, close the lid tightly. Now shake the cartridge carefully and insert it on the printer. Open a document and give a print command. If the printer is still showing error then ask the technical team for help.

Check the printhead and fuse

The error can appear when the printhead of your Canon printer gets damaged or clogged. You need to clean the printhead regularly. Navigate to the printer driver setup window. Go to the Maintenance tab and click on Cleaning option. A Print Head Cleaning dialog box will appear on the screen. Select Initial Check Items and then hit the Execute button. Wait until the printhead gets cleaned completely. Now restart your printer and check for the error. If the printhead or fuse get damaged then you need to replace them. After replacing the printhead, try to take a printout with Canon printer and check whether your issue gets resolved or not.