Introduction to Cardboard Boxes

When you think about cardboard boxes first thing that comes to your mind is moving boxes. But that’s not the only purpose cardboard boxes fulfill. They are used in many activities but mainly for storing and transporting products in it safely. They used to be just plain brown in color but over the past years they have evolved and now come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Every industry including food, electronics, cosmetic, medicine, and toy use these boxes to package their products. These boxes are later on can be turned into armor, spaceships, castles, and tunnels by kids for fun purpose.

Kids Product Cardboard Boxes

Kids’ product packaging has to incorporate variety of colors, cartoons, and appealing designs in it to make it attractive for kids. Kids will never get attracted to simple and non-attractive boxes when it comes to kids’ product packaging it has to be different than other packaging. Apart from the attractive features packaging has to be strong and sturdy enough to hold the products safely. In the making of kid’s product packaging no rigid materials like glass and metal should be used. The best option is to choose cardboard, plastic, and rubber packaging. The cardboard packaging is best option because it can be easily recycled and even kids can make interesting things for playing from these packaging. The hygiene is one of the most critical aspects when designing kid’s product packaging box because parents look for these factors in boxes while shopping for kids products.

Custom Cardboard Boxes for kids

Packaging industry pays attention to kids packaging as much as they do to other kind of packaging because they are massive audience.

Party Boxes

Cardboard boxes are widely used to customize kid’s birthday packaging in variant appealing ways. For special birthday events special packaging is used for kids in accordance with the birthday theme and color as a thanksgiving boxes. These wholesale cardboard boxes are specially designed particularly for kids in almost all shapes, sizes, and designs. Having custom packaging on birthdays makes the event more memorable for kids and guests. Different types of cartoon characters are printed on the boxes for both girls and boys.

Toy Boxes

While manufacturing boxes for packing kids toys in it there are few factors that need to be considered and followed. Kids packaging should be made from material which is not harmful for them. Parents are always conscious about that packaging and what material is used in it. Cardboard Boxes are always the preferred choice when it comes to packaging toys. They can be made attractive with colorful printing and putting window on them so kids can see the toys in packed inside. To attract children only colorful packaging is not enough unique boxes with innovative designs do the better job.

Food Boxes

Companies always try to impress their little customers with the most eye-catching designs and specially made boxes for candies, cupcakes, chocolates, and other food items. Everywhere you go whether on a shopping mart or a fast food restaurant to get a food you will always find exceptional food packaging for children. MacDonald’s have special boxes for their little customers and you wonder why kids love MacDonald’s so much probably because they care about kids and their choices.

Cardboard Boxes for Kids Activities

Cardboard boxes spark kid’s imagination in such a magnificent way that they create so many things from plain and boring boxes. Instead of throwing those boxes get creative with your children. Here are different art, craft, and imagination activities for kids.

  • Cardboard boxes for dressing up and playing.
  • Cardboard boxes for learning
  • Cardboard Boxes for art and craft.

    For Dressing UP

    Kids love dressing up in their favorite characters and pretending to be that character. Different usual and unusual costumes are made from these boxes such as robot, tree, and a lot more others. New Ironman and Thor cardboard costumes are quite impressing. These cardboard costumes can be easily disposed after a use and can be correctly recycled.

    Doll House and Castle

    Girls being girly are always up to creating fancy dollhouses and beautiful princess castles. Beautiful cardboard dollhouses and castles of any size can be created and by painting it with beautiful colors you can make them more attractive.

    Learning Facial Features

    Cardboard can be used widely for learning purpose as you can create cardboard face and teach your children about the facial features and being attractive learning kids will pay attention to learn new things.


    It is concluded that cardboard is not only limited to industry and packaging needs it has so many different purposes other than just storing and shipping products. Packaging industry is now widely focusing on children packaging to attract their customers. Cardboard in particular is multipurpose material that is why it is used for various needs.