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  1. Communication between husband and wife – Communication plays an important role in romance alive between husband and wife if the husband is suffering from the problem of impotence. If any husband is suffering from erectile dysfunction and low libido then talk` openly with your female partner. A good sex therapist will help you and your female partner to solve their issues together that helps in improving your sexual life which reduces the tension between you and your wife.
  2. Try to relax – Anxiety is one of the important factors which is responsible for impotence in men. When you are worry or anxious then unable to enjoy sex with your female partner. You are not focusing on your impotence and enjoys every moment during sexual activity with your female partner. In the morning you should deep breathing that helps in relax during physical exercise. You should massage with your female partner together via touch in which feel a more relaxed and stress-free sexual experience.
  3. Lose weight – Obesity is also one of the important factors and responsible for erectile dysfunction in male people. You should daily exercise which helps in lowering the weight and may improve your sexual health. According to the American Medical Association, it suggests that daily exercise and a calorie restricted diet may be beneficial in treating low sex drive and impotence among obese male people. Daily exercise may also improve your heart health and muscular strength that can help in healthy sexual life.