Although Flash was the leading authoring tool to develop eLearning courses, in 2020, Adobe will stop its support formally.
Hence in 2020, all organizations need to factor for the migration of their legacy, Flash courses to HTML5. The migration exercise presents an amazing opportunity. You can use this exercise to not only gain a technology uplift but also incorporate trending and more immersive learning strategies.
Take a look at this Infographic, where we show you how you can use the migration to HTML5 opportunity to enhance the impact of your eLearning courses.


How to Use the Migration to HTML5 Opportunity to Enhance the Impact of Your eLearning Courses - Featuring 2 Examples


We hope this Infographic gives you food for thought that you can use as you plan the migration of your traditional eLearning courses to HTML5 format. Do use this opportunity to enhance your training delivery’s impact.
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