During your lifetime you want to win success and if I am not wrong an ultimate goal. Because it’s like a lifetime achievement award like we see in film awards, you have to put you 100% to achieve that particular goal. If you could make a successful deal by covering all the expenses at the end of the agreement, then I must say it’s a win. While on the other hand there is a gap between the inputs and outputs then it would not be considered as a success. Look at the financial services being provided by Dubai banks to make your settlement. For the majority of the expatriates, they have a desire to get settled in this lavish region but it’s not that easy. Although the majority of the people can give you advice about getting a permanent settlement, still people find it difficult. Let me share the value of private banking solutions in the form of a personal loan or more specifically about your home loan. Probably it would be the best gift for your next generation from your side if you could manage a home in the UAE region.

Do you have any idea about the working of banks? According to the news about the Dubai region and its banking system, we have differentiated that loan packages would vary according to the status of a client. But the points of how diverse offers being provided by the private banking system can be managed to entertain the maximum account holders. Dubai banks or any other financial institution vary from customer status while dealing with the loan services and other priority-based offers. If you are a local and residing in Dubai while doing a business or a job, things would be easy to handle for a loan package. The terms and conditions would completely different than the offers for a nonresident to the resident while applying for priority-based offers at economical rates. Here we will try to discuss only the solutions about services like Home loans for residents and non-residents. You must have a smart eye on the demands and some relaxation in the documentation while applying to a specific bank. The main issue is the interest rate in comparison to outsiders which can be handled using credit score.

Either you are a resident or working as an expat in UAE, you don’t need to worry about anything because there is a solution for everything.  The terms and conditions are affordable and easy to handle for foreigners also because of the professional attitude of Dubai banks. If you have decided on financing your home with a mortgage loan then go for it but few things are important to be noted while approaching a private bank:

  • The first thing I will tell you that Dubai’s non-resident home loan is being provided by a private banking system that would vary in terms of the interest rate. You can get different rates and offers regarding a mortgage loan. The rates and vary from one bank to other which is quite problematic and difficult to handle. First of all, we will study the type of interest rates that are being provided by different banks in Dubai. You can even tackle your loan package without any interest rate using the Islamic banking system.
  • Let me clear you with one thing that two parallel systems are running in UAE while dealing with all financial projects. The first one works with an interest rate system and there is no other way out for moving forward with some private bank interest rates. While on the other hand, the Islamic banking system provides all of the services without any interest rate.

Priority banking with zero interest rate

Keep one thing in your mind that two types of banking systems vary in their functions and offers. We will discuss one by one in detail so that to make it easy for expatriates to get the best offers and packages. Another important thing is the management of the repayment method. First of all the fixed-rate loan method can be used domestic purposes and is set for a certain number of years that can be extended. You must have a clear idea about your agreement so that to save your time and money. During this period the lender has to finish all the loan installments with the complete amount. If you would not be able to do that, an outstanding balance will be added to your loan amount. I must say try to avoid this extra payment as it is hard to manage along with the actual amount.

While on the other hand, you can use a conventional banking system with a variable rate method that can facilitate you with a big balance for a loan package. One of the best banks for Dubai’s non-resident home loan is Mashreq bank. This private bank can entertain you in different ways as you can get Islamic services without any interest rate along with conventional services with a fixed interest rate. I can assure you that this private bank can provide the best and lowest interest rate for home loan services. The rate calculation for a loan package can also be calculated by using the calculator available on the official site of Mashreq Bank. Several other banks are also working in the same area but it’s really difficult to manage the lowest rates. You can follow the method of reducing the balance that charges you a rate based system.


The loan services with other priority-based offers are available at the best rates in UAE by this unique bank. We offer some discounted packages to our customers so that to compensate for the spending. You can also get an idea about the service by taking the guidance of a private banking relationship manager.To approach them you can visit the official site of the bank. One thing is true that Mashreq Bank in Dubai provides the lowest interest rate through the variable method. As it is easy to handle for high net worth individuals, we see a large number of foreign investors and traders are using the services of this bank.