According to information received from reliable sources and further investigation conducted by us, Cameron Mckean, the CEO and Owner of HowToPay LTD, was a crucial figure in an alleged illegal activity, including fraud, performed by him and another company called MacroPay.

HowToPay presents itself as the “service provider” of MacroPay – a company that provides local payment services for international merchants, owned by Adam J Clarke. In other words, HowToPay is the executive arm of MacroPay, dealing with the accounts and the money.

At least in one incident, the finances of a HowToPay’s client, in the total amount of approx. 100,000 USD, disappeared after the company closed the account for unknown reasons. This occurred while Mr. Mckean served as the company’s CEO.

HowToPay renounced responsibility claiming they are a separate company, when MacroPay were the ones that actually signed the contract with the client and held responsible for the client’s funds.

It is apparent that Mr. Mckean has either fraudulently misapplied or is wrongfully withholding his clients’ Account Funds, with no intention to give it back.

The connections between MacroPay & HowToPay & Freedom Bank