Ice-Cream Stabilizers Market: outlook

Ice cream, a frozen dairy product which is consumed in the frozen state where whipping and freezing is one of the most important processes to obtain desired structure, texture and palatability. There are many processing and formulations in the manufacturing of ice creams, which collectively enhance the desired properties of ice cream. In the global ice cream market, the demand for ice-cream stabilizers is increasing at high growth rate owing to their property to produce good texture and smoothness in the body of ice cream.

Increasing stability, reducing ice and preventing lactose crystal growth during storage at lower temperatures are also attributing for escalating the demand for ice-cream stabilizers. The ice-cream stabilizers are neutral, clean and not interfere with the original taste of the ice cream. Generally, 0.1–0.5% of ice cream stabilizer is used in the ice cream mix and can be increased with increasing fat and chocolate content. In the global ice cream stabilizer market, Europe and North America hold the major share in production and consumption of ice-cream stabilizers owing to the presence of major global players in the region. Unique business strategies and attractive promotional activities performed by the ice cream manufactures has significantly increased the sales of ice cream in the region.

Rising Demand for Ice-Cream Stabilizers in Food Industry

In the global food and beverage market, the increasing demand for mouth savory product is on the rise and ice cream as viewed as one of the favorite dessert options among the millennial population. Increasing per capita expenditure on food and beverages has revolutionized the dessert industry by frequent innovative and value-added product launch, which has made the ice cream industry more competitive than ever before. To gain the traction of their customers, manufacturers use high-grade ice-cream stabilizers in their product, which brings an enormous difference in the product segment. Adding ice-cream stabilizers helps to attain the viscosity, helps the homogenate suspension of flavoring particles and also stabilize the protein in the mix to avoid wheying off. The increasing trend of dining out especially among the teenagers proves to be another positive for global ice-cream stabilizers market. Ice-cream stabilizers can be isolated from various sources such as proteins, gums, seaweed extract and also it can be cellulose based. The increasing sales of ice cream are directly increasing the consumption of ice-cream stabilizers. With the increasing consumption of ice cream, it can be anticipated that the demand for ice-cream stabilizers can increase over the forecast period.

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Global Ice-Cream Stabilizers Market: Key Players

Few major players operating their business in the global ice-cream stabilizers market are Palsgaard, TIC Gums, Inc., DuPont, GKM Food Additives Co & Ltd, Duketoms, Tate & Lyle, Kerry Inc., Acatris and others. Many other players are showing their keen interest to bring ice-cream stabilizers in their production line.   

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Opportunities for Market Participants:

Increase in per capita income in the developing regions has increased the standard of living and subsequently propelling the demand for premium and mouth savory food products. Ice creams are gaining the demand as a dessert among the millennial, which has significantly fuelled the demand for ice-cream stabilizers over the last few decades. Apart from all the above-mentioned factors, increasing awareness about the benefits of ice-cream stabilizers among the food manufacturers is anticipated to bolster the demand for ice-cream stabilizers in the coming years.

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