All Sydney Tow truck has the reputation of providing the best yet most affordable towing services in Sydney. Besides providing the best car towing services in town, we keep our clients safety and lives very dear to us, as vehicle breakdowns can be very hazardous and even deadly. Therefore, All Sydney Tow Truck always strives to impart basic education regarding these breakdowns to our valued clients so that they can save themselves from distress and embarrassing situations.

In this article, we are going to discuss various factors that may help in identifying a breakdown beforehand and taking due steps to indulge in one.The most common reason for the majority of the breakdowns down the road is battery drainage or a flat battery. You can use the following indicators to ensure that you do not have a flat battery:

When you turn the ignition key, and your car engine is sluggish, or you hear a clicking sound, there is a high chance that you have a flat battery.
Another way is to turn on your headlights, if you find them dim than usual or they fail to work, the battery is drained or dead.
Your car speedometer panel may also show the flickering battery warning light.

The under-pressured tire can also be the reason for an untimely breakdown, as it can lead to having a flat tire sooner than later. If you physically check the air pressure before hitting the road, it will be quite visible, or else you can use the hand-held tire pressure gauge. Or, if you’re already on the way and you feel your steering wheel getting a bit harder than usual, then you seriously need to look out for your tires.

Lower levels of engine oil, water, and other fluids like power steering, windscreen washer, and brake oil can force a breakdown as well. In most of the modern cars, the speedometer pops up a blinking light to warn you if you are low on them. You are advised to check them out as soon as the blinker turns on before your vehicle breaks down.

While driving, you may have a smell of petrol or some other fluid inside your car. If this happens, there’s most probably a leakage from under the vehicle, or the gas cap is damaged, loose, or missing. It’s better to park your car on the nearest safe site to check what’s wrong before the breakdown actually happens.

If you smell of something burning or hear a weird sound while applying the brakes, possibly your brakes have worn out. You need to get them checked by a professional mechanic at the earliest.

Following these tips will help you identify the breakdown beforehand and prevent yourself from getting into adverse situations as your safety is the greatest business of all. But, if you find yourself indulged into any untoward circumstances then don’t forget to seek out for urgent help by dialing All Sydney Tow Truck’s helpline number and we being the best towing and most affordable roadside assistance service providers will try to ease out the situation for you at the earliest.