Are you facing erectile dysfunction and did not know the real causes? If a person is not able to keep an erection while having sex with his partner and this happens most of the time then the situation is alarming. A person who cannot keep an erection or face difficulty in having sex consider having ED problem. Before jumping to the causes of erectile dysfunction, first look at a few facts about ED.

  • ED happens when there is not enough blood supply towards the penis through veins.
  • Erectile dysfunction is effecting men throughout the world regardless of their ages.
  • The causes behind erectile dysfunction could be medical or psychological.
  • Stress is the leading factor that makes ED more severe because when you think a lot about erection, it becomes difficult to attain.

What causes erectile dysfunction to occur?

In order to maintain an erection, several factors play an important part. This could include veins, arteries, muscles, blood flow, hormones, psyche, and more. If you are having ED and wanted to get rid of this issue, no one could help you except Vialis Meds.

Physical causes for erectile dysfunction:

The following are the identified physical causes of erectile dysfunction.

  • Diabetes:

Are you a diabetic person? Just a few of us are known to the fact that diabetes also causes erectile dysfunction. Chances of ED is a diabetic person is more than the non-diabetic person is.

  • Vascular disease:

Most of the cases related to ED are due to vascular disease. In vascular diseases, our veins and arteries become narrow that they did not allow the proper blood flow. This results in poor blood flow towards the penis and that is why erection cannot happen.

  • Vascular injuries and trauma:

Sometimes pelvic surgeries or vascular injuries happen in radiation therapies also effects the performance of blood flow that leads to ED. Even researches conclude that men who ride a bicycle for a long period have greater chances of erectile dysfunction because of vascular trauma or injury.

  • Hormones problem:

The role of testosterone hormone is important in keeping the erection while having sex. Low level of sex hormones (testosterone) is another identifying cause of ED. If you are looking for some medicine to enhance your hormone level, then you can get Cenforce D 160mg.

Psychological causes:

Most of the time, we are living a very busy, stressful life full of thoughts that results in poor performance in bed. We forgot that there may be psychological issues causing us trouble. Here are some identified psychological causes behind erectile dysfunction.

  • Depression, guilt, and anxiety:

Depression, stress, guilt, anxiety all are the primary causes of ED. The good thing is that primary causes are easy to curable and need some effort and consistency. One can try simple lifestyle changes and therapies to treat psychological issues.

  • Lower self-esteem:

Sometimes it becomes hard to identify whether the cause is physical or physiological. There are chances that an obese person can perform well in bed. However, if the person has low self-esteem because he is over-weight then the cause will be psychological.

Can drugs be the cause of erectile dysfunction?

Yes, drugs you are taking could be the cause behind your unsatisfied performance in the bed or ED. Always consult your doctor about the drugs you are taking just to ensure that they are safe or not. These drugs could be anxiety treatment medicines, hormones drugs, drugs that control high blood pressure, alcoholic drinks and much more.

Are you consuming healthy food items?

Whatever you eat, be careful in that because low fiber food, high fat diet, excessive consumption of red meat may cause you ED. Therefore, one should consume food items that are high in antioxidants.