Immigration is a very crucial process that a person needs to undertake while planning to go to some foreign country. An immigration consultant can make the process smooth and subtle giving an immigrant a very successful outcome. These people can foster a hassle-free process of migration, which helps aspirants leave the country in a happy mood and at the same time they get what they want in a different country. Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada can provide authentic services to make sure that the person visiting Canada does not experience any trouble in the alien country.

Types of visas provided immigration consultants:-

Immigration consultants have large roles to play and one of the crucial ones is to provide visas to immigrants. The various types of visas provided by them are as follows:-

  • Work permit visas- These are temporary visas which give an employment permit to enter another country to work with an employer who shall sponsor the employee on their will. This visa lasts for a specific period and once the tenure is over, the employee has to return to his own country. Best Immigration Consultants in Delhi for Canada can permit such visa to applicants on a subject to the condition that the prospective applicant is being able to file a petition on their behalf.
  • Dependent visas- This kind of visa provides permit to any spouse or law partners who are common as well as the dependent children of the immigrants who are moving to Canada in search of work. People with dependent visa can move with the immigrant and live in that country for a specific period.
  • Investor visa- This type of visa is provided by immigration consultants to interested and wealthy people who are mostly businessmen for obtaining a green card that shall impart the status of permanent residence when they step into Canada. People with investor need not wait for quite a long time but such people should invest their money in any American business.
  • Business visa- When immigration consultants grant a business visa, it allows the holders to stay in Canada for a very short time for attending any conference meetings or seminars with associates or business partners, thereby facilitating consultation and negotiations. A person applying for a business shall need to produce a letter of invitation from the party where the reason for the invitation must be mentioned clearly.

It is known to everyone that employment is something that goes hand-in-hand with development. It is the developed countries that provide opportunities for employment which ultimately helps the sector of immigration in growing. As people move to developed countries from developing ones, the immigration sector has taken a huge leap in the last few years. Due to the quest of people to receive high-quality education or getting a better job, they are moving to different developed countries. This demand has led to the growth of agencies and consultancies associated with immigration.