With millions of hotels competing in today’s cut-throat era, it is important for every hotel to put their best foot forward and endeavor to stand apart from the crowd. Besides, it is imperative for hotels to make every effort to ensure that the customers can make an easy buying decision. For this, they must invest in technology and organize hotel virtual tours for the clients to get a thorough look of the property. This has several benefits that will help to improve occupancy as well as the sales.

Let’s understand the significance of investing in hotel virtual tours with the help of some statistics.

• Websites that contain virtual tours are viewed 10x times longer than those without a virtual tour.
• Hotels that have virtual tours on their website generate 48% more bookings than those who do not.
• A virtual tour can reduce the amount of wasted viewings b as much as 40%.
• Rich media, that includes videos, visuals and virtual ours can increase the conversion rates by 64%.

A Hotel Virtual Tour Can Save a Client’s Valuable Time

One of the most notable benefits of a hotel virtual tour is that it saves a lot of time of the clients. For instance, any large company who is looking for a hotel to hold a conference can easily go through the potential options by looking at their virtual tours and decide the best one. This is much more time-efficient than having to physically tour all the hotels, which would involve a lot of time and resources.

By using hotel virtual tours, a company can go through all the details about any specific hotel, such as amenities, environment, room interiors, banquet facilities, etc. This will help to expedite the searching process as well as earn more sales to the hotels.

A Hotel Virtual Tour Enables the Hotel to Reach a Wider Base of Customers

When people wish to make a hotel booking, a majority of them begin with conducting an online research. If a hotel has an official website along with a virtual tour in place, it is more likely to have a better online visibility. This gives them a chance to reach out to a larger number of customers.

Moving on, while booking a hotel online, the top priority of most customers is getting a comfortable accommodation with a good environment. When they are acquainted with the place, they are likely to feel more comfortable. Now, the best way to get them this feeling is by letting them virtually experience your hotel. A hotel virtual tour lets the customers go through the property and understand the kind of amenities and services it has to offer.

With a plethora of travellers around the world moving around, it is important for hotels to gain visibility and reach the potential customers. Hotel virtual tours offer customers a detailed insight into their accommodations so they can easily visualize themselves in the rooms. This results in higher conversion rates and consequently boosted sales.