In a recent survey done, it was found that keys are the number one item that people lose regularly. Every one of us has to deal with different kinds of keys daily. There are keys to your home, keys for car, your office or safe. Losing keys is the most annoying thing to happen and they are also the most difficult thing to find. It takes a lot of energy and unnecessary steps to find keys. Not finding a key on time can make you late for work or appointments. So, whether it is your house key or your car keys or key to your desk drawer, it is important to learn how to handle them properly so that you don’t lose them so frequently.

Habits that can help you keep your keys intact

Losing keys is the most common problem faced by humans. Though calling a locksmith and fixing the problems is always an option, but there are other things you can try doing that can reduce the chances of losing them. Additionally, visit our website to know how locksmiths can help with lost keys.

1. Attach them to daily essentials – We all have a habit of putting our keys in a ring or key chains. Fortunately, these key chains have rings that can be clipped to other things. If you are a working person, you can attach them to your work ID. Your work ID is something that you don’t usually forget because it is the only way you can enter your office. Also, most companies charge for losing work ID’s because they have to create a duplicate one. Forgetting your work ID is also not common because then you have to waste time to get a temporary one and these temporary ID’s usually don’t work everywhere. So, attaching them with work ID will definitely reduce the chances of losing them.

2. Attach Them to Your Belt Rings – If you are required to wear trousers at work, most of the trousers come with belt rings and these are the perfect place to attach your keys. It is nearly impossible to wear trousers unless you are a woman or you are in a specific job that doesn’t require trousers. Clipping your keys to belt rings is the best way to keep them with you all the time because you are never going to forget wearing them.

3. Keep them on your Phone – We are all addicted to our phones most of the time. In fact, it is the first thing we check when we wake up. If you are someone who is hooked to their phone all the time, it makes sense to put your keys on it. The phone is something you never forget and keep your keys on the phones would make you grab the first thing in the morning. Alternatively, if you are too forgetful about your keys, you can create a constant reminder in your phone to keep your keys in a safe place so that you create the habit of keeping them safe.

4. Keep them in your wallet – Can you ever imagine yourself walking out of the house without a wallet? Absolutely not! There is no way in the world that you leave your home without a wallet. In fact, most of the people usually check their wallets at least two to three times before leaving from home. You can keep your main keys or even a spare key in your wallet or purse so that you don’t lose them. Women can also hang these keys in the rings of their handbag and keep a spare in their wallet.

5. Keep a Spare Key – Well, it might not sound exactly as a habit to not lose your keys, but this is definitely a good way to keep yourself away from all the stress that can be created when you lose one. If you have a spare one always ready with you, you would never be stranded on the road or your house outside thinking about your next step. To get a spare, hire a professional locksmith to create a duplicate one for you. Keep these duplicate keys near the items that you never forget to leave behind.

Losing or forgetting keys is something that everyone dealing with keys must have experienced at least once in their lifetime. So, developing these habits to keep them near or attach is a great way to find them when we need them.

If nothing of this works for you and you still end up losing keys, never fear because you can always contact a locksmith service to help you get access to your door.