Indian saag is a curry of cooked mustard or similar ‘bitter’ greens (kale, collards, turnip greens), and spinach or similar mild greens (chard, bok choy, beet greens). Any combination of greens works! Use more spices and peppers for hot saag, or less for mild
The flavor and taste in the saag, Comes predominantly from mustard greens. The saag has bitter and pungent notes of the mustard which are subdued by the presence of bathua and radish.
After all the cooking and simmering what you get in the end is a creamy, green saag bursting with mellowness & flavors from all the greens. A bowl full of antioxidants and health.
Winter is the time when the mustard and Bathua are available in India. Hence during this season, sarson ka saag is always made in the homes and hearths of north India, especially in Punjab from where this traditional recipe comes from.
The sarson ka saag topped with homemade butter and served with Makki ki roti (flat breads from maize flour) is not only comforting but also warms up the palate as well as the body. This is a winter meal you see. So that extra topping of butter is alright. Also the saag is served with an accompaniment of sliced or chopped onions and some green chilies.

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