On time Sydney Tow Truck has a widespread network in NSW, providing towing services and roadside assistance, which is available 24/7. We are famous for providing the best car towing service in Sydney that too against the market competitive prices.

Here is the guide to what information On time Sydney Tow Truck collects from its clients in the most circumstances when they make the first call to our Customer Service Department. This information may come handy for us to assess their current situation and what needs to be done from our end to cater to all their needs.


The foremost thing to be asked is the exact pickup location from where the vehicle is to be towed and where it needs to be dropped off. It becomes convenient for the tow truck drivers to trace the location when proper details are provided.


We are legally bound to confirm whether the respective vehicle is under the ownership of our client or not. For this purpose, the National Identity Card Number of the client and registration number of the vehicle will be required.

Vehicle Specifications

Safety and damage-free towing of the vehicle is the major concern for On time Sydney Tow Truck. This is possible only if the correct towing method is opted for considering the specifications of the vehicle. Specifications include the model of the car, its dimensions, whether it has a manual or automatic transmission, it is a two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive; either it is a fuel-based or an electric car.

Vehicle’s Health

It is to be enquired whether the respective vehicle has been into any accident before or it has any mechanical fault as such vehicles have to be dealt with extra care.

Insurance Policy

Firstly, it has to be determined that the vehicle is insured or not. If it is insured, the queries may include whether the insurance policy covers the towing charges and who is authorized to claim those charges, i.e., client or the towing company.

Preferred Time

Clients ease and comfort is the first priority of On Time Sydney Towing. Therefore, we ask them to tell us their preferred time to book the slot and get the job done.

Payment Method

In case the client has to pay for the services, which will be their preferred payment method.

This may seem too much of information, but it will be made sure that it is acquired in the shortest time possible as On time Sydney Tow Truck values the time of their clients. Moreover, we collect all this information to provide a hassle-free towing experience to our clients.