Most people in Florida perceive home inspections as deal-killers. They firmly believe that a home inspector can bring up a snag in the deal that looks smooth to you. 

Well, we won’t totally deny this fact. Many times the deals that you make can be abruptly paused due to the report submitted by the home inspector, highlighting a few crucial issues in the home, its structure or any of its components. 

But if you’re well prepared for the home inspection, then there’s no need to worry. 

Yes, preparing your home for the inspection is possible and can be done effortlessly. All you need to do is fix the critical issues related to the foundation of the house or the utilities. And you can get yourself a great deal! 

However, apart from fixing the significant house issues, you must also take care of some general factors, which might include the following: 

Let the Home Inspector Conduct Their Inspection

Don’t be in a rush to close the deal. 

Even when you’re in dire need of money, it’s utmost necessary for a home inspector to conduct their job thoroughly. 

Rushing the home inspector to conduct their inspection isn’t going to do you any favors. In fact, it may raise suspicion of you hiding something. 

With a general rule of an hour per 1000 square feet, you must expect that the process of home inspection in Punta Gorda or any other city in Florida will take a minimum of 2 to 4 hours.

However, there are chances that it might take long to inspect if your home is an old building or has additional home amenities to examine, such as a shed, attic, swimming pool, or crawl space. 

Make Sure You Have Everything Operational

When home inspectors carry out their inspection, they check and verify all the utilities. 

Be it electricity, water, or gas, everything must be on and operational for the inspector to check all the controls and associated equipment such as ceiling fans, chimney, and other lights. 

Making sure everything is operational becomes particularly more important when you’re selling a vacant home or you’ve already moved out of the property. 

Keeping everything operational will help the inspector to check the condition of all the appliances, making it much easier for the inspector to do their job as thoroughly and quickly as possible. 

Don’t Leave Your Pets

It’s imperative to avoid making any hassle for the home inspector. Therefore it’s recommended not to leave pets behind. 

You must ensure that all the pets, be it a dog, cat, or even a caged parrot, must be kept out of the house during the time of the home inspection. Your aged labrador may be as sweet as a pie, but it may hinder the work of the inspector. 

Home inspectors need the space to do the most thorough job possible. 

You must note that putting your pets in a room or kennel won’t help; it must be ensured that they’re entirely out of the house for the whole duration of the inspection. 

Don’t Try to Conceal the Known Issues

If you’re very well aware of a few issues in your house, don’t ever try to hide them. Either get them fixed or tell it explicitly to the real estate agent or the buyer. 

Real estate agents in Florida suggest that it’s always better to face the facts of known issues and move forward with the deal than getting those issues uncovered by a home inspector. 

Most buyers are going to get the house inspected from a professional. Many buyers pay the home inspectors for multiple inspections on the same property as well. If any such hidden issue is spotted, then the chances of the deal getting canceled are high. So, be wise and avoid concealing the known issues. Get them fixed! Or reveal it to the agents/buyers. 

Final Thought

The best thing that can be done to get a ‘killer deal’ for your property is proper maintenance.

Routine checkups, getting the furnace filters changed, and cleaning gutters are just a few maintenance-related tasks that must be considered. Although these tasks might involve you to invest a few dollars, the result will be fruitful to your pocket.  

Maintenance of a home is essential. It must be checked regularly and is a conscientious effort to land yourself a cracking deal for your property in the future.