A good strategy could turn the crisis into an opportunity for brands. What to do to add sales and win customers on this platform


Every four years, half of the global population watches a single spectacle: the Soccer World Cup , which in its last edition in Russia was watched by 3.57 billion people.

But there is another “show”, which is broadcast 24 hours a day and in which brands invest millions to reach an equally important audience that meets on Facebook (2.4 million people),Instagram (1,000 million) and TikTok (500 million), among other networks.

To take advantage of this, especially for Instagram , but it serves as an inspiration for other networks, there are no magic formulas, but there are many tricks and good practices that help us move forward along the way.

10 top tips for marketing on Instagram

1. Define your goals. 

In order to use your Instagram account wisely, you first have to know what you want to achieve with it. Do not stay in vanity metrics like the number of “likes” and look for ways to link your presence on this network to your business goals.

2 . Create a business account. 

Marketing on Instagram with personal accounts is not recommended, since you would be missing multiple functionalities, such as Instagram statistics, Instagram Ads or purchases on Instagram.

3. Interact. 

The way to increase your visibility on Instagram is to create community. Don’t use Instagram just as a showcase; some time to ask your followers interesting questions like poll questions and react to their comments.

4. Take advantage of Instagram ads. 

Instagram Ads is a very powerful platform with a lot of options to reach the audience you are looking for, so investing in it can give you the boost you need. Make sure to segment your ads well and always include a call to action.

5. Optimize your profile.

You have only 150 characters to tell who you are so take advantage of them! In addition to the description, you can also include information in your name and username, website, company category, and calls to action.

6. Create a consistent brand image.

 Instagram is above all a visual network, in which an image really is worth a thousand words. To take advantage of its full potential, you must create a coherent aesthetic in your publications, so that they stand out within the feed and are immediately recognizable.

7. Use the Stories.

The Stories Instagram has radically changed the way we use this network, as is the element that generates more visibility and interaction. As they last only 24 hours, they don’t need to look as polished as permanent images or follow the brand’s aesthetic to the letter. Go ahead and experiment with them!

8. Partner with (micro) influencers. 

We already know that Instagram is one of the favorite sites of influencers, so collaborating with one of them can quickly multiply our reach and visibility. On the other hand, mass influencer marketing isn’t always worth it; instead, it makes more and more sense to seek out micro-influencers with smaller but more interactive and specialized audiences.

9. Take advantage of the captions. 

Did you know that you can get up to 2,200 characters in Instagram captions? It’s a great opportunity to tell the story of your brand, but be sure to include the most important information in the first two lines.

10. Don’t forget about the hashtags.

A couple of years ago it was normal to cram Instagram posts with hashtags, but now it is recommended to use more restrained; An average of 4-5 hashtags per post may be sufficient. Remember one thing that hashtags are used for users to discover your account, so they have to be relevant and specific, said América Retail.