Many youtube channels are showing a lot of the fashion trends and so this LIT is also one among them. This channel has recently uploaded the All Black Look Under 1500 | Makeover Challenge In NIT Faridabad | FML video and this has crossed the millions of the views that too within a few days. The video is showing the shopping of the anchors called the divyanshi and the deepali in the NIT Faridabad market. As you all know it will be the big bazaar for shopping the high-quality material that too in the low budget. The anchors are showing the best shop in the area to purchase the garments at a low price. It will be the time saving one for the people to watch the video and then shop directly.

Watch this video without any much ad buffering

Are you the person who wanted to watch the full-length videos without the ad buffering? then this video will be the interesting one for the people to watch the videos without blinking the legs and also they will get addicted to the shopping methods of the anchor. They are providing a simple guide for the shopping and also they are explaining the quality of the garment and ist [price. They are bargaining the garments to make the challenge worthy. Budget Makeover under 1000 ftAashimaLamba | Kriti Sanon Look in Sarojini Nagar | FML #11 video describes the two anchors are picking the random girls and making them more stylish with the help of the budget beauty buys.

Are you the person going for college daily? Then watch this video as they are providing the outfit ideas and also they are providing the styling tips.  These things are the good ones for the students to wear the trendier clothes picked from the clothing haul without spending much money. Ths videos are having only the limited advertisements and so it will not give any disturbance and so it guarantees for the hundred per cent entertainment.

Watch the stylish look of the random people

The random people are picked by the anchor’s and so for them, these people are providing the low budget clothes and the accessories also including the hairstyles and makeup. All these things are shown in this short video. You will find a lot of the likes and the viewer for these videos as most of the people are crazy over this video. It is also unbelievable for them that how they are purchasing the garments and the accessories for less than a thousand rupees,

This is very much interesting one for the shopping addicts and even the other people to enjoy to the core. Looking more trendier without wasting the money will be the dream of many of the middle-class people and so this video will give them the idea of how to purchase suitable garments. The hair style tips for the viewers will be an added advantage for the viewers.