Being a teacher in the 21st century and not having an internet connection in the classroom would sound absolutely ridiculous. Well, yes we did have an internet connection but the range was too less. Unfortunately, this would cause a whole lot of buffering and time would run out even before I could teach anything from the online presentation. This got me majorly triggered every time as the kids used to get bored continuously looking at the loading screen. One day I decided that enough was enough and went on to find a solution for it. Speaking to the management. I suggested that they place wifi extenders in classrooms so that we could have a better network and access to the internet. The management agreed and chose the VICTONY WIFI REPEATER and I am impressed with how it went.


The extender was brought into the classroom and the tech guy started to set it up with the existing wifi router that was present in the hallway. The plan was to connect it to the router and then plug it into an outlet in the classroom to make the connectivity in the classroom better. The tech guy must have messed something up because the router couldn’t connect. He double-checked the Victony wifi extender manual and started the VICTONY WA1200 WIFI EXTENDER SETUP. After the next try, the router connected to the extender, and we were good to go. We plugged it into the socket and we had instant strong and speed internet access from the device.

Benefits of victony repeater

I was never able to complete an online session with the students because of the bad internet connection. The connection was really bad due to the main wireless router being a bit far down the hallway. This caused continuous buffering which was really not a good learning experience. But since the induction of the VICTONY WIFI REPEATER in our class there has been singularly no reported problem of a bad connection or continuous buffering. Internet connectivity made it a lot easier for me to explain the topics to the students from information present online. I was greatly impressed by the efficiency of the product. It was not even too expensive. It also has a very smooth design that doesn’t make it look out of place. It is a really nice feature especially for an environment such as a classroom.

Other applications

I was so impressed by the work features of the victony extender that I decided to install one of them at my home too in order to eliminate those wireless dead spots and also create better network access across my house. I am a casual gamer too and the addition of this to my online gaming routine made me see definite changes in my gameplay as it became smoother and less laggy. It is quite applicable for small offices, businesses, and shops where it can also be independently used as an individual wireless router with the help of an Ethernet cable. For other details and information ap.setup is available for the help. Just get connected and resolve your issue.