Pune is among those few cities of the country that have shown a steady growth and development in various sectors. Real estate and IT sectors are among most prominently developed sector of the city. Due to the growth in various sectors, people are getting attracted towards the city. The professionals and new age home buyers are majorly getting fascinated towards the city because of the key advantages offered by it. The city is beautifully located in the arms of nature and provides with some best scenic views. IT industries are also rapidly developing in the city and from education considerations, Pune is known as ‘Oxford of the East’.

Recently, Central and state government has also passed various norms to emulate the home buying scenarios for home seekers and especially for first time home buyers. The Central government recently introduced Aatmanirbhar Package 3.0 wherein the tax relaxation has been provided to new age home buyers. On the other hand, Maharashtra government reduced the stamp duty charges for registry of home. The move by both central and state government has provided a severe boost to real estate sector of Pune.

Reserve Bank of India has also reduced the repo rate by 4.4% making the borrowing cheaper for homebuyers. Furthermore, banks are also reducing the interest rates to mark a boost in real estate market. A significant effort has been continuously made during the COVID times to bring cost advantage to investors and making home buying a more affordable deal. Some special benefits have also been incorporated by the government which includes the introduction of Economy booster package and Aatmanirbhar Package to boost the morale of home buyers and especially new age home buyers. In coming future, there are possibilities of appreciation in property rates, so it is the perfect time to make an investment.

Affordability, living standards, job opportunities and improved amenities are some of the key reasons which are inviting investors. Due to the acute development of IT Hubs, many investors are seeking to invest in the real estate market. Cosmopolitan living and infrastructural developments are among the reasons which are attracting new age home buyers to make an investment in real estate. Moreover, most of the new tech startups are majorly supported by the city and have seen a considerable growth in last few years. Different parts of the city have shown a rapid development and are smoothly connected with each other.

One of the renowned developers of Pune, Goel Ganga Developments has also made several real estate developments in various parts of the city. Many ongoing projects in different parts of the city are under the directorship of Goel Ganga Developments. In the times of pandemic, the company acquired three projects from their distressed peers. The company focuses on providing quality life to the people of Pune at strategic locations with smooth connectivity and approachability. Over the years, people are trusting Goel Ganga Developments due to the distinctive construction quality, layout design, strategic location and infrastructural development.

Dhanori which is among rapidly developing suburb of the city is attracting many new age home buyers due to the connectivity and exclusiveness of the location. Among various ongoing projects in Dhanori, Ganga New Town is mostly relished by professionals and new age home buyers. The project extends the connectivity, prime location, social and physical infrastructure benefits to the home seekers. It is among  new residential projects in Dhanori , Pune and is located near IT Parks. Currently, the project is in second phase of construction and promotes the community living. Community living has become an essential part of modern life and people love to have recreational activity area located in their community.