Every time you enter a cake shop or open any online cake shopping website, you seem to be confused with this thought. What to buy? Designer cake or regular cake. You seem to be attracted to the glamourous designs of designer cake and the lower price of the regular cake. But in the end, you have to choose only one. To make you eligible to decide the good, better, best of cakes, the expert bakers of designer cakes in Delhi, have prepared this blog for you. Take a look if you do want to avoid that last moment confusion.

What is a designer cake?

A designer cake is a very recent inclusion in the list of types of cake. These types of cakes are based on a theme and are supposed to attract more buyers. Be it birthday or wedding anniversary, designer cakes are available for all occasions. Many people do have the opinion that designer cakes are not as tasty as simple cakes. For others, they are not willing to pay extra money for a designer cake. Moreover, designer cakes are high in carbs which stops their entry into the tummy of diet conscious people.  Designer cakes are occasion-specific, so before opting for cake delivery in Delhi, see that the theme of the cake caters to the purpose of the occasion. Also, designer cakes are customizable with patterns and carvings of your choice. So, these cakes are highly appreciated by youngsters and teenagers.

What is a regular cake?

A regular cake is something that has descended the timeline of years. They are mostly one cake for all-purpose types. They come with hardly any or zero customization options. They look more like a monotonous cake with little or no cream. They are mostly preferred by older adults or health-conscious people. In popular opinion, they are considered tastiest cakes with all healthy ingredients. You can order a regular cake without the necessity of being too rich or burning a hole in your pocket. These cakes do not need meticulous baking. They can be prepared by obeying a few simple steps and boom! your cake is done and on the way.

Which one is better? Designer cake or Regular cake?

Let us first draw a clear difference between designer cake and regular cake.

Serial Number Point of difference Designer Cakes Regular Cakes
1 Price Price is on the higher side generally, surges more in festive seasons due to greater demand They are much cheaper. Price remains uniform throughout the year with seldom surges.
2 Customization Designer cakes allow the client to customize the cake with fondant cream, cherries and other various patterns. You can even customize the colour of the cake according to your choice. Regular cakes provide hardly any scope for customization. Although most of the promising bakers have allowed flavour customization, where you get to mix two or more flavours. But colour customization is not yet possible.
3 Looks Designer cakes are much more alluring than regular cakes. The cakes are enveloped with colourful cream which makes it beautiful to look at. Regular cakes are not that good in looks. You will find them boring at least in looks.
4 Finish These cakes come with a better final touch with a detailed creamy finish. Every detailed design on the cake comes with a meticulous finish. They do not need any special final touch. The cake is all ready to reach your celebration table just after the basic preparation.
5 Bakers Designer cakes do always come from the hands of expert bakers. Proper training and years of experience are needed to bring out the cake successfully. Regular cakes can be prepared even by homemakers You just need the proper ratio of ingredients to bring out the taste in the cake.
6 Taste Designer cakes taste fabulous when they are ordered from reputed bakers. They know exactly how to balance the beauty of taste and looks in a designer cake. Regular cakes do taste good if ingredients are used in proper quantities. Cakes, at all, came to popularity, due to the taste of regular cakes. So, do not look down on the taste quality of regular cakes.
7 Ingredients used There are a wide variety of ingredients to be used for designer Cakes. Some of them are-

  • Cake flour
  • Unsalted butter
  • Sugar for frosting and icings
  • Eggs
  • Whole milk
  • Baking powder
  • Baking soda
  • Colouring gels
  • Flavouring agents
Few ingredients are used for making regular cakes. They are-

  • Flour
  • Sugar powder
  • Butter
  • Milk (optional)
  • Baking soda
  • Baking powder
  • Flavouring agents
  • Eggs (optional)


Whatever you choose designer cake or regular cake, choose the midnight cake delivery in Delhi option to ensure the timely and safe delivery of your favourite cake to your doorstep.