The UK is among the most traveled destinations in Europe. The most common query that travelers ask about the UK is the cost of a visit. They want to find out the average tour expense for one or two weeks of UK visit. More importantly, they want to know whether visiting the UK is expensive. Of course, the answer depends on various considering factors. Your traveling style and kind of traveling i.e. solo or group are the major influencers.

Hiring a professional travel agency is to enjoy cheap travel in UK. However, you can plan your own trip while traveling on a budget. But first, let’s find out the average expenses for a UK tour.

Factors that affect UK Tour Expenses

Traveling expenses mostly depend on your travel style. It’s all about choices that a tourist makes while visiting a destination. For ease, experience travelers advise dividing traveling expenses into 4 major categories.

  1. Transport
  2. Accommodation
  3. Food
  4. Activities

Dividing the expenses by categories help you plan your trip. Also, you can allocate a budget and save or spend money depending on your choice. The expenses will rise depending on how long you want to stay in the UK.

Considering UK Travel Expenses

Our experienced travelers have calculated average travel expenses for the UK. According to our calculation, a tourist needs £120 (around $155) per day while traveling to the UK. This is the average amount that you need for all the expenses. Your daily expenses on local transportation would be £24 (around $31). Meals Expenses would be £29 (around $38) for one day.

Travel Expenses for One or Two Weeks

One week’s traveling expenses would be £815 (around $1050) for one person. While traveling expenses for a couple would be £1630 (around $2000). Likewise, a two weeks couple trip would cost £3260 (around $4200). Also, your accommodation expenses in the UK as a couple would be £115 (around $148).

So, what will be the expenses for a small family of 3 or 4 members? Well, if you are simply adding numbers and multiplying them with family members, don’t do it. A family tour to the UK is often less expensive than a group tour. That’s because you can share hotel rooms and tickets for children are also cheaper.

Transportation Expenses in the UK

There are two ways to travel around the UK. Either you can book car hire or travel on public transportation.

Car Hire

Car hire service will cost you more but you can drive anywhere you want. However, if you are in the UK for two or three days, it’s going to be expensive. Whereas you can get better rates from car hire companies for a week’s booking.

So, if you are visiting for more than 5 days, book a car for a week. It can be cheaper and less expensive than per day car hire.

Public Transportation

Well, it’s hard to put a price on the UK’s local transportation. It depends on advance booking  your destination, and means of traveling i.e. plane, train or bus. Traveling costs may also increase or decrease depending on your class. A seat in a premium class would surely be expensive than standard class.


Visiting the UK is an expensive choice as a traveler. The United Kingdom is considered an expensive destination for tourists. In case you want to visit the UK on budget, take some cost-effective measures. You can enjoy tasty meals at a less fancy restaurant or travel through public transportation.