Tron dance is taking the world by storms, and it is gaining popularity day by day in the country. One of the led dance group in India is The Glowdiators based at Delhi and moving in all parts of the country with their amazing led Tron dance performances. Some of the expert dancers since 2007 in the country thought to do something different and formed “The Glowdiators” in the urge to do something different in the art of creative and performing dance.



Taking advantage of technology, the group merged performance with technology and gradually became the leading led dance group in the country, amazingly playing with light and movements. They took creativity to the next level; forming and becoming the most sought after Tron dance group India performers. 



Ever since inception, there is no looking back with “The Glowdiators.” They may be a LED dance group in Delhibut doing shows throughout the length and the breadth of the country rocking the audience with their immaculate and magnificent performances beyond imaginations.



With professional-level attitude, the group has become the most sought after Dance Company India can ever think of with many performers of international fame joining the group taking the LED dance performances to unbelievable heights. They are the best high- end performers juggling with light and body movements making the spectators speechless. It may be any corporate event or college and university fest or any dance festival he Glowdiators keeps the audience captive and mute with their stage actions. It is only the ovations, and the salutations that team gets after completing their on-stage performances are more than enough to prove their mettle and supremacy in the led Tron dance art.



It is time to make any of your events memorable with “The Glowdiators,” taking control of the stage and rocking the audience with their physical body movements punched with light and sound. They are getting regular calls from all parts of the country and burning the dance floors with their superb moves creating an electric atmosphere. One will forget to wink when the group is performing else any action may get missed within a flash of a second. The group with their led dance performances mesmerize the viewers with Nikhil Bharadwaj in the lead can take you to a journey of the MJ moves. Wit changing forms of dance over time, it is “The Glowdiators,” taking a pioneering role in the country and the subcontinent with the Tron dance.



They are always on the move with their performances creating illusions on stage and winning million hearts. To “The Glowdiators,” it is a never looking back but marching ahead, getting calls from various institutions across the globe. One can only understand the power of their creativity, watching their performances, and juggling with led lights and body movements. Although this dance form is performed in the dark, it brightens the heart of the audience as they watch the show. It may be the Tron Bhangra Act, LED Wall mapping, The Laser man show The MJ/PSY Tron dance and many more it is not only a dance but writing a story on the dance floor that can never be missed. One should not let the golden opportunity slip out of their hands, getting a scope to watch the group portraying a story on stage.



Never has been Tron LED dance acting so intriguing and mesmerizing until “The Glowdiators” took to the stage, forming the best dance team in the country and getting calls for shows for far-flung places. It is time to enjoy their performances near you else you will miss the chance to rock with the flow.