The popularity and affordability of mobile phones and the internet has paved the way for smartphone applications. By tapping into the potential of mobile software, businesses are able to reach more customers. With mobile applications, entrepreneurs can seamlessly offer goods and services to their target audiences. Because of this, several businesses are opting to develop and release their own mobile apps. 


Another lucrative aspect that drives business owners toward custom mobile app development is the revenue stream. Making a transaction on an app is as simple as tapping a button, and this makes customers more likely to spontaneously make purchases. 


Several mobile app development companies have sprung up in light of the growing demand for smartphone software. Although it is now easy to build apps, you must ask yourself a set of crucial questions prior to building the app. They will boost the success rate of your software. Let’s take a look at the key factors you must consider before developing a mobile app.

Competition in the app market

According to Statista, approximately 111 thousand mobile apps were released on Android in the month of August 2020. However, only a handful of those applications surface to the top and garners a large number of users. The rest of the apps sink to the bottom of the app store. This is largely due to discrepancies in App Store Optimization (ASO), objectives of the app, responsiveness and more. The best way to prevent such hiccups in your app is to be completely aware of what you want your app to look and feel like even before commencing the project.

What makes a mobile app successful?

The most successful mobile apps enjoy their status because of several reasons. The primary being that they satisfy the needs of their end users. Here are some criterias that top mobile apps satisfied during and after mobile app development. They:


  • Are a solution to a problem
  • Have unique features
  • Minimalistic and easy-to-use
  • Are available on both iOS and Android
  • Can be used offline
  • Work flawlessly
  • Are secure
  • Regularly engage customers
  • Offer frequent updates

Mobile app development factors to consider

In order to ensure that your app meets all the criteria on the checklist for developing a successful mobile app, you must consider the following factors prior to commencing development.

Know your competition

The first thing you must consider before diving into development is the competition and the market scenario. Developing a mobile app that doesn’t fit the market’s demands will go obsolete in a short span of time. By analyzing how your app suits the market and how it can perform better than the competitors in its niche, you can sculpt your app for success.

Know your target audience

Your app is going to be designed for a niche group of end users. To ensure that your target audience will use your app, you must conduct an extensive research on who your average customer is, what age group do they belong to, what is their income, what are their interests and more. This information will help you optimize your app for higher prospects among your audience.

Choose a platform

There are two major platforms that you can opt to develop your smartphone application for. You can choose ios or android app development. The choice boils down to how well you know your customers and what mobile OS they prefer using. Furthermore, you must decide if you want to develop a native or a hybrid app.

Create a plan

Next, you must chart out an app development plan. It will help the building process progress without any interruptions. The plan must include details like what type of app development methodology, app architecture, tech stack and design that you want to use to build your smartphone software.

Focus on user experience

If your app has state-of-the-art features but is clunky to use, your audience won’t think twice about switching to an alternate app. You must ensure that your app is responsive, secure, easy-to-use and finally, is visually appealing. User experience plays a major role in gaining and retaining users.

Marketing strategy

It is not enough to simply develop and deploy an app in the app market. It is also essential to follow up the development phase with an effective marketing strategy. Factors like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), App Store Optimization (ASO) and promotional tactics like demos and advertisements will help your app gain traction fast.

Allocate a budget

Finally, you must assess how much money you will require to initiate your app development project and drive it to completion. When you hire a mobile app development company, they will give you a variety of app development solutions ranging from whitelabel to custom app development solutions. Choose one that fits your budget.


The app market is flooded with numerous software applications. The only way to cut through all of them and rank at the top is to create a spectacular app aided by an effective marketing strategy. By considering the factors mentioned in this article, you can create and publish a consumer-favorite mobile phone application. Get the best mobile app development services from SmartPoint. They are well-versed with developing high quality and secure smartphone applications. Contact them and get started today.