Tattoos are permanent, or in other words, last as long the body lasts, which is forever in layman’s terms. Besides scheduling an appointment with a reliable artist, who assures best possible outcomes, you must also opt for a design that you would not mind sporting for the rest of your life.

Minimalistic tattoos have acquired widespread popularity at present. Even after using only negative space and bold black lines only, they manage to look visually appealing. Mentioned below are a couple of themes on demand. Please check them out now.

  1. Holy Trinity

The experts working in the best Ho Chi Minh City tattoo shop said Holy Trinity represents Christian faith. The three corners are the Father or the Almighty, His Son, and the Spirit, respectively. If you are a true Christian, and you want everyone to know about your religious faith, get this design without hesitation.

  1. Wedding Ring

Wedding ring tattoos can act as a substitute for conventional wedding rings. If you and your beloved do not wish to put on diamond or gold studs always, they can let others know they are married through this particular design. You may customise it by incorporating the names of your spouse.

  1. Arrow

A wide range of meanings can be associated with arrows. They motivate people to move forward even when life thrusts one challenge after another. An infinity arrow reminds you that you always have to push yourself towards something better. A solitary arrow, on the other hand, stands for protection against evil forces.

  1. Keyhole

Keyhole can stand alone as well as come with a companion key tattoo. The well-known artists said keyholes depict freedom, mystery, and a shield for treasures. You may ink it on whatever body part you like, but the inner wrist seems most ideal. Shading is not mandatory but can add multidimensional effects.

  1. Musical Note

Are you passionate about music? Do you spend most of your time listening to melodies, playing instruments, or writing lyrics? If yes, consider getting a musical note tattoo. It can initiate amazing conversations because music is recognised as a comprehensible language by individuals all across the globe.

  1. Equal To

Equal to sign depicts love and respect that people of all sexual orientation deserves equally. It shows your support for the LGBTQ community. First introduced in the year 1995, it is inked in red and pink or yellow and blue colours and stands in solidarity with same-sex marriage.

  1. Roman Numerals

The experts offering services for Ho Chi Minh City tattoo shop said Roman numerals are visually appealing and can stand for important dates in your personal as well as professional like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. These adornments are a league in their own, so, go for them right away.

Although several styles are readily available at present, minimalistic tattoos are considered the best because they look good on any body part, and inflict no pain whatsoever. Another amazing design is swallow, which symbolises good health, loyalty, and safe travels.