Ultrasonic Cavitation is a body contouring treatment to reduce fat cells in a targeted area by the use of ultrasound technology. It is a preferred alternative method to liposuction. As people who don’t want to undergo extreme options such as liposuction or surgical procedure. This procedure is a safe process, as this Cavitation Treatment destroys fat cells using low-frequency sound waves without damage to any tissues or organs in the body.

It is also known as Fat Cavitation to treat common problems in the cellulite fat areas such as buttocks, inner knees, upper arms, male chest areas, thighs. This Ultrasonic treatment leaves no scars in the treatment area and is not required for post-recovery and needs no anesthesia.

These ultrasonic fat cavitation results are faster than fat freezing treatments as you can get your desired results with only a few sessions as it is pain-free and a relaxing experience that can be completed within a few 2-3hours.

The Ultrasonic Cavitation Training covers the main topics or subjects such as

  • More about the Skin Diseases and Disorders
  • How to setup and handling of the Equipment methods and maintenance of the Equipment
  • How to provide the client with the safety and precautions procedure
  • And know what is radiofrequency skin tightening and how it works
  • Consulting the clients before the treatment and providing aftercare steps
  • With steps by steps methods in the treatments like RF, Laser lipo, Cavitation, Vacuum treatment techniques
  • Treatment designs and their step by step protocol

The Ultrasonic Cavitation Training also covers the following subjects such as

  • Learn about the anatomy and physiology relevant to the subject
  • How to improve the ways of formation, Cellulite grading
  • How to conduct the Consultation and identify the contraindication procedures with detailed screening
  • Talking with your clients about the risk and side effects and their realistic expectations
  • How to Carry out Live demo, step by step treatment techniques
  • How the ultrasonic fat cavitation works and the types of fat areas that can be treated
  • How to ask important questions to clients during the Consultation
  • Describing the various settings of this treatment with its machine
  • How to Provide aftercare to the client
  • You can receive the certification after completing the training
  • How to do marketing guide and it’s bonus sales

You can study the course online with the learning portal with self-access to the video materials, online assessments. The Ultrasonic Cavitation Training is followed by extensive protocol to ensure the graduates are fully equipped with learning about the treatment procedure and they can effectively carry out the treatment with their client.

Training is suitable for Medical professionals and Aesthetic Physicians.

The graduates are trained under qualified ultrasonic technicians with hands-on training in radio frequency, cavitation, vacuum suction therapies.

The training provides therapy templates for better understanding of subjects that certifies the graduates in the application of ultrasound for facial therapy and weight management. All the training courses are internationally accredited and insured and ensure the quality of practical assignments to be required by the graduates.