Global District Cooling Market: Overview

District cooling is a modern and efficient method to air-condition a network of buildings in cities or campuses. Central cooling plants house large, highly efficient, industrial-grade equipment that produce chilled water for supply to customer buildings through an insulated underground piping network. District cooling systems eliminate the need for chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and other individual systems.

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  • District cooling offers significant advantages in terms of environment protection, cost, comfort, and operational efficiency over other cooling technologies. District cooling systems provide significant benefits to building owners and municipalities such as elimination of operation of their on-site chillers and reduction in maintenance.
  • Investment in new electricity production and distribution raises the expenditure on energy and thereby, the dependence on natural gas and imported electricity. Focus on substituting imported energies by investing in local heating and cooling infrastructures to reduce the expenditure on energy imports is driving the global district cooling market.


  • Since district cooling systems are new and not much known yet, attracting customers is challenging, due to lack of awareness about their technological applications, multiple benefits, and savings
  • Most potential customers are not aware of their existing cooling costs, making comparisons between existing cooling services and district cooling services challenging, due to lack of data. Therefore, thorough awareness about applications of the product, reputation of the company, and co-operation with city planning authorities play an important role in growth of the global district cooling market.

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  • Integration of new technologies and systems, such as advanced plant controls, smart meters, and seawater usage, has gained wider acceptance in recent years. Furthermore, collective collaboration with authorities on regulations, standards, and practices is expected to positively impact the global district cooling market during the forecast period.
  • Active players in the district cooling marketplace can form strong relations with real estate dealers in order to enhance their market position; directly enhance the company’s ability to win contracts; and attract more number of investors

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Some of the key players operating in the global market are

  • Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation (EMPOWER)
  • Engie, Veolia
  • ADC Energy Systems LLC
  • Emirates District Cooling LLC
  • Stellar Energy
  • Keppel DHCS Pte. Ltd
  • Logstor A/S
  • Shinryo Corporation
  • Dalkia, Singapore Power (SP) Group
  • Alfa Laval AB